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First of all excelent mod, congrats to Docm30 and all who contributed to this project. Now into the subject, i was walking around London and find an apartment with a chest inside and i started to wonder, How many other apartments are there in the game and where? is there any in Paris? thanks.
imp344 said:
I found the apartment of Paris and cannot find how to purchase the apartment,i need help.

Where is the apartment in Paris?

Docm30 said:
You can't purchase them yet.

I managed to enter one of them at London, but then i tried again and the door was closed. Was it because of the patch? or there is a way to enter without buying them since its not coded yet? Thanks.
Docm i didn't quite understand this apartment feature. How exactly does it work and why would someone want to own one of those? Is it simply for show, or can you like store items there, maybe even decorate it ?
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