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Sergeant Knight
Age of Blackpowder Website
The Age of Blackpowder Series are now hosting a website, featuring two major aspects.

The Age of Blackpowder Series Mods

Here you can find information about the five featured Age of Blackpowder Series mods, where you are given the oppertunity of finding featured trailers and screenshots. And the latest news as well as contact information for the devolopers.
Check that out here:

The Age of Blackpowder Awards

The Age of Blackpowder Awards feature all somewhat new mods, including firearms. From the very first musket era to the time of the wild west. The mods are rated, reviewed and their devolopers are one-by-one interviewed. Right here is it possible find the latest download links for the mods.
And do you have a firearm mod (from the early beginning of blackpowder to future blasters) which is not on the list? Contact me via PM, a team email adress is coming soon.
Check out here:
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