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If you find a interest to give any suggestion to this mod please post them here.

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I have elaborated a troop tree for the Austrians.

You could try to add artillery pieces to the mod. Like the catapults in the Age of machinery

Officers can be recruited in cities. Their special ability is that they can be ordered to make their own parties
Troop tree Officers (max. party size)
Lieutenant (25) => Captain (50) => Major (75)  => Colonel (100) => General (150)

Standard bearers and Musicians:
They increase the morale of your troops.

New Nations:
- Ottoman Empire
- Prussia


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first of.. What a cool troop tree pic..

second of all. I will look into it.. my regular response. But this one was really good I must say. You reaally got me understanding!


that's the militia - landwehr - jäger line!

Fusiliers are regular standard or line infantry - they have a good firepower, and average hitpoints also melee is quite OK
Grenadiers are the tough guys for the sieges - they have average firepower, high hitpoints and good melee combat abilities, but they are very expensive
Jägers are the marksmen/ snipers - they have great firepower (also on distance) but very little HP and weak melee combat

Dragoons - heavy cavalry with medium speed horses, a carbine musket and sabres
Uhlans - light cavalry with lances as primary weapon and a pistol as secondary
Hussars - very fast cavalry with a sabre
Cuirassiers - heaviest of all cavalry types. they are armoured, have a sabre as primary and pistols as secondary arms



I know what Jaegers are, I said for all factions, e.g. Riflemen/Light companies for the British, Tirailleurs/Voltigeurs/Chasseurs for the French.


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Sadly, I don't think we will have Cannons in this mod.

And something weird just happened. I looked through the troop files, and I saw Prussian troops.

oh yes... I forgot those... But they want be shown ingame anyway. I think.
Not sure if this is possible but,  wouldn't it be cool if soldiers could drop on a knee, and then shoot from that position?

the fact that you can't really take cover or anything kinda puts me of ''gunmods'' :smile:


As far as I know, going prone is hard to code, but apparently there was a mod for an old version that allowed that.

EDIT: Too slow!
It's not really a bug, so I'm posting it here, please amend your installer to unzip into a folder, rather than just all in your destination.

My install path was C:/Etc./Mount and Blade/Modules; thinking that it would install into a folder, instead it just kind of crapped in my modules folder, heh. Mind changing that for future down loaders?


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my friend have the same problem.. and the answer is yes ofcause... when the patch come out will I fix that. Since I will need to upload a patched version. Not just the patch.

EDIT: I must also ask you for anyone heres help. And that is. We need ideas for the expansions. So... Brainstorm...!!  :twisted: BRAINSTORM! BRAINSTORM MY FELLOW MINIONS!! MOHAHAHAHAHA!!!

or something like that...


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Oh well I mean we allready got the planned expansion of wich there shall be.

I mean of what we should add and which factions and etc.

This is the list of the expansions..

Age of Blackpowder: Scandinavia (a mod of the Great Northen War)
Age of Blackpowder: 1716 (a mod of the war between Austria and the ottoman empire)
Age of Blackpowder: Conquest of Egypt (a mod of the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt)
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