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What is Realm of Revolution
The mod Realm of Revolution is a mod that is based on the times between the 18th and the 19th century. The mod doesn't actually have any historical connections at all. It is entirely based upon the goodies of the time. There is five nations that is fighting about the lands. And they are:

Great Britain
Empire of France
Kingdom of Svea
Tsardom of Russia

All of them has their own strong part. And their own weak part. Play them well. And you will find out the best strategy of all.

Why do you have such a long name for your mod?
Well it is simply because. The name Age of Blackpowder isn't really the name for the mod. It is the name of the mod series that I am planning to make. The name Realm of Revolution is the name of the actually mod.

What are those expansions you talk about?
Well. Because of the historical inaccuracy, did I plan to make expansions for the mod. Which are more historical correct.
And those expansions are

Age of Blackpowder: Scandinavia (a mod of the Great Northen War)
Age of Blackpowder: 1716 (a mod of the war between Austria and the ottoman empire)
Age of Blackpowder: Conquest of Egypt (a mod of the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt)

Why are my troops so inaccurate when they shoot?
Well. If you try to shoot from a mile away. Then then the case is clear. If you do not and still miss. I recommend you to get your troops and update.

Why does it seem that I loose every battle of mine?
Cause you do not think like a real commander. You have to plan all of your moves. And not only to win, also to save as much of your troops as possible. Or you use weak troops against elites, or maybe a bad mixture of troops. Or you just simple walk alone against giant armies.

Why do you still have the old Calradia map?
Simply. I am no mapper. But if someone is willing to donate a good map. Will I be very willing to accept it.

It seams that I meet people with armour from time to time, why?
Well that is because for now. You only play the beta.

What nation is the best?
None. All of them are good at different things. Play them all. Or face them all. And you will soon find out.


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some day :grin:.. the thing is with them. They completely demolishh the enemy. And therefor demolish the need of other troops than artillery.


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bjorne. said:
but then you could hit your own troops. And still they woold not be fun.
Personally, I think the users should decide on Cannons. They will be the ones playing this Mod and enjoying it most, after all.


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That I could. I am currently trying to make explosive barrels to use instead of siege eqiupment. So you blow up the walls :grin:


bjorne. said:
some day :grin:.. the thing is with them. They completely demolishh the enemy. And therefor demolish the need of other troops than artillery.
The artillery of then, wasn't the joyful 'blow-up-if-it-touches-ground'.
No, the cannon just fired big bullets that would finally hit the ground, and bounce of again to take a leg or arm of head on his path.
Cannon won't be(can be) so much of importance. you can make then slow, you can need 1 to reload, 1 to take the pole and stump the what ever in the barrel and 1 to aim/fire(if you think 3 person is to low you can add 1 more and let him get gunpowder from a truck or barrels.
And you are working on explode-able barrels. maybe if you can take those out, the cannon won't work.

just giving idea's 


bjorne. said:
yea I know.

burnsie said:
And you are working on explode-able barrels. maybe if you can take those out, the cannon won't work.

But I don't get what you mean here

I saw you working on barrels that if you shoot on it, they will explode.
Now, these heavy cannons needs loads and loads of gunpowder, now just let the cannons need these barrels(for gunpowder usage) and bam.. they have a big disadvantage. and of course these men what control these cannons are put out of there job and are worthless now.
i belive he mean it like this: if you both use cannons and exploding barrels the result will be= someone will shoot the barrel next to the cannon and it all go into smoke and the cannon will be useless. or he mean it like this: the exploding barrel theory won't work so you culd just use it as a prop next to the cannons. he culd also have ment: you use the exploding barrel animatics with the cannon. or meybe he ment that instead of blowing the wall with a barrel use a cannon instead cuse: it will look coler/it will work better.

anything else you want transleted my lord? in swedish meybe?  :grin:


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Make it in japanease :grin:

No but I think I understand. But it is a prop. That will be placed infront of the wall. Or a couple of the barrels will be. And then you have to shoot at the barrel and it will explode and bring the damn wall with it. And all the people who might stand in the way.
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