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Anyone tried Dwarf Fortress?

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I really enjoy adventure mode, especially when it comes to combat :grin:. It's extremely fun to mutilate your enemy, if only Dwarf Fortress was a 3D game :sad:.
I've definately played more of adventure mode recently, but I can hardly ever get beyond early game as a demi god withotu dying to some warlord half the time. They seem to vary between super easy and dodger masters you'll never ever hit, unless you get a lucky hit on the leg or something.

Is there much point in going in tombs? The few times I have the mummy either makes mince meat of me or the items don't seem worth the risk. Also how do curses work, I checked the wiki but it didn't say much. Do they work like syndromes with forgotten beasts? I've only been cursed once too, despite waking several of them. How do you actually get cursed?
Curses screw up your luck. That hit to the head that you desperately need that just happens to be a very easy, square hit? You have a good chance of missing when cursed. Likewise, you (or one of your companions) can be cursed by disturbing a mummy; that is, if you wake it up and it's hostile* it has a chance to curse you (or a companion). IIRC, the mummy needs line of sight (and only line of sight) to curse someone.

*Mummies will not be hostile (unless you attack them) as a necromancer. Some mummies can even be recruited. Another interesting thing about mummies is, once disturbed, they may leave their tombs and travel the world. You can even get them to show up in fort mode.

Also, the loot generally isn't worth it. I really only go into tombs if I'm a necromancer in need of a quick army.
So, yesterday after successfully dying again in DF mode I was playing adventure mode. I was walking through what seemed to be a pretty dense forest on an amazing character decked out in complete chainmail and plate, when all of a sudden a message appears saying that I have been shot in the head and I am deceased. :mad:

I guess its time to try making a fortress again. :???:
Never had that happen to me, normally for me its because I'm stupid. For instance, I once took on some giant scorpions, which after kiling two, the last one had stolen a quiver off someone and one shotted my head with it. Normally it works in my favour. The first megabeast I fought was a roc which I kiled with just one rock. It was underwhelming to say the least.
Yes, they are. But not to that extent. You should have a mayor and an actual noble by 111 dwarfs.

Possibly. But I hadn't played for a while and was psyching up for a dangerous hard-fought battle with lots of gruesome deaths and ****.

Haha. I actually got another one just now, it beat an animal caretaker to an inch of his life, transformed back to Dwarfhood and bolted before he could be bolted. Apparently Bungek, deity to half my Dwarfs, curses Dwarfs to turn into weregoats. :lol:
I just started playing again while I was in Orlando between **** we had planned. I'm readdicted, had a forgotten beast, a were-lizard, show up during my second year so I simply drafted everybody and threw them at it. It killed probably 20 then lost an arm, kept fighting and killed 4 more before a pick went through his reptilian skull.
I got this really annoying bug I'm stuck with, can someone help?

Basically, I have two miners who refuse to go underground. :lol:

They just sit at the ground level, doing everything they're ordered there but nowhere else. I could move them underground by putting them in the military, but once I removed them they just went back above ground, same bloody spots, doing nothing again. When switching jobs, they only do twhat they can above ground, but nohwhere else. Burrows don't affect them at all. They can't eat anything and only drink from my above ground water sources.

It sucks because they're the two miners I started out with, hence legenday clods, and I'm only into my second year.
The what? I deconstructed the wagon straight away, so I probably don't have an area like that.

EDIT: Solved the problem, utterly stupid as it was. It seems my main up/down stairway somehow magically misplaced the "up" part. I have absolutely no idea how bits of stairs can vanish into thin air, but then again, it's Dwarf Fortress...
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