Anyone else experiencing semi-random freezes/chrashes?

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It seems to happen when trying to load in some character. So far I've noticed in with some female nobles and in the character creation. It is weird.

I open the enyclopedia, filter female nobles and start sifting trough. Opens one normally, another doesn't load and the game freezes. Have to forcibly turn it off.

Load again, go into castle, keep, talk with one of the female lords, and after I finish talking and look around I notice half the textures of the keep are not fully loaded. The guards, floors/pelts. I turn around, game freezes. I guess I looked at something I shouldn't have.

then I try new game, create and customize the character appearance normally, then go to adjust history - no character show up. When I go to select parent, both parents show up. Then when I go select other past actions, where my MC model should be, nothing show up. then when I finish everything and go to finalize, the MC loads, but without a body..and the game freezes.

I am using a light mod setup with nothing that adds new armors/clothes. I am stupmed. I verified all of my files.
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