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Anybody who want the good old 1257AD music,come here.

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Hello all good old player from othr's era and anybody who want to try the old musics of this mod.
The music of current SVN version is good, but just in case anybody prefer the old one or alternate music, I have the files for you.

Because of the copyright reasons, I cannot post the link here.  Therefore, If you want the old musics and the music.txt, please just PM me or post here. I'll send the link to you by PM.

**I and the modders do not own any music in the link.**

Note : Since the mod is using a different trigger right now it might not play the tracks so well as it did before. (in pre 9.5 version)


I usually stream some good Medieval music. Here is the webpage. I enjoy this music alot for 1257AD


argh. Cannot post external links until I am on this site longer...funny, I've been a lurker for a couple years now but never registered.  :grin:
If anyone doesn't get the music yet, please post here.

I've thrown myself in to the hellish and worthless job training program by mistake recently.  :neutral:
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