Any WFaS mods that can make me a ruler of my own kingdom?

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Hey guys, long time player, first time poster.

I really love the gun mechanics of WFaS but sadly, not being able to be king like in Warband really sucks.
So far, I've only spotted this mod:
but I'm not even sure if you can make other vassals from other kingdoms join you or just your companions only...

Would really like it if I can have a mod that makes it like Warband or atleast a Warband mod that gives good gun mechanics (So far I've only accomplished Native and Floris so I'm open for other mods as long as it's not too fantasy-like) thank you!!!


warbanddan eksik sorununa yardımcı olamam ama wfas. Dediğin gibi kral olamıyorsun ayrıca dükkan falanda açamıyorsun :sad:
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