Any way to force independence in VC reforged edition?

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Hi all, I have finished the story mode as a Christian vassal of West Seaxe. I conquered most of Wales, England, and Ireland and hold 4 towns and 2 castles. I want to create my own independent kingdom. There are still many fiefs to allocate from my conquests. I claimed the last few towns I conquered but the king has handed some out to others and I did not get the chance to raise my flag in rebellion. I think this is because when I conquered towns more recently and claimed them it wiped my claim to formerly conquered towns, I now understand these claims will not stack. It seems it will take ages until my latest claim will come up to be distributed next. I also can't ask the king to be released as he has been missing ever since the battle of Aescendum, when I ask others where he is they say he is travelling to his capital and is near Bal Luigne. I can't see him on the map even when I turn on cheats and turn off fog.

I'm at a loss as to how to trigger a rebellion. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm open to using cheats or a savegame editor. I downloaded and opened one to try to change the king's location to get him back on the map but couldn't figure out how.
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