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Any Real Reason Go Into Towns?

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Seems most everything can be done from the town Sub menus no? The towns are really nice looking (bit too quiet) but is there any real reason to traverse them? Also why cant random action events happen in town -kinda like the belligerent drunk from Warband. Be more exciting if once in a while you just got surprised ambush type of stuff. not in the "Ambush Scene" type of way -but with a normal town scene with everyday civilians around.Or even fights between other AI. Just feels like more life needs to be fleshed out tin that area


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True i did buy a woodshop. Just think it could be be so much more -why never action on the streets spontaneously? Also maybe you could get a few relations points just from people becoming familiar with seeing you around. We need more incentive or else feels like waste of time
Killing gang thugs starts a quest with the gang leaders (which you can do in any town you like without waiting for quests).
Buying shops.
Some Lords quests have you do investigations in town.

Just some of the reasons I can think of :razz:
Yeah some quests, workshops, gang interactions. But also ofc looking at and getting an idea of the defenses a bit if you wanna siege it later.


its obvious lots of stuff is missing from towns like the gang interactions. the foundation is there but nothing to do yet
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