Any plan on releasing Source Code ?

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Hello Quintillius,

Thank you for those awesome features you are bringing to life with this mod. Do you plan to release someday (as Bannerlord approachs) the Source Code for Nova Aetas?

I'm currently learning Python, and would enjoy understanding how you did implement all these ideas to Warband. Furthermore, I am working on some scripting myself. I would love to add some new things.

Keep up the good work !  :smile:
Thank you. I don't think the source code will be a good start for any learners. Some features are revolutionary and scripts are complex.
You'd better start learning by following the tutorials, small things and reading for all available commands.

Just begin with the small things: adding a new troop, adding a dialogue with the option to gain money in return for selling a particular item; for example grain.

Good luck with learning how the ModuleSystem works.  :smile:
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