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I wasn't able to find any human skeleton, skull, or loose assorted human bone assets. How will I make my grim dungeons, ossuaries, bone piles, and spooky halloween scenes? I find it hard to believe there are no skeleton props, am I just not finding them? I was searching for bone, human, skeleton, etc but came up with nothing, just what looked like some animal bones.

Are all the assets that we're going to have in the game at this point, or is Taleworlds still adding stuff in and open to suggestions?
While I'm probably not qualified to answer here, I'm pretty confident they're adding more and more assets as time goes. They add in some new armor almost every patch, and they're still adding in props such as for the workshop. I'm not sure about skeletons, but it'd make sense if they added them in with the prison escape feature they've said they're working on.

Anyway can't help you out much myself but if worse comes to worse I'm sure there's a way to get some custom bone assets imported in.
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