Any hope for a Bannerlord continuation?

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Obviously, the stickied threads state that development on this mod has ceased. While I am somewhat disappointed that I only found this mod long after it was active, I understand how much work has to go into making quality things. That being said, I am curious if we might see a chapter four when  Bannerlord is released. I rather enjoy this mod and its Struggle for Bermia spinoff, even if playing on later warband builds can be frustrating at times. I think this world still has a lot of potential for new things.
Sure, I have a ton of updated and organized stuff on my hard drive (including new sounds and a whole new cinematic soundtrack edited by a friend of mine who works in a recording studio).
What I do lack is time. :razz:

I might try and update the WB version in a month or so, depending on upcoming news about M&B2.
After playing TEATRC back in..2009? I could never again play any other version of M&B without thinking to myself "all these features and updated Diplomacy and bugfixes and stabiltiy are nice, but I'd give it all up for playing TEATRC instead.". So I always ended up playing TEATRC instead.

I would pay for TEATRC. I would live three months on stale bread and water for TEATRC. If I had the time I'd go out and try to patch up TEATRC myself.

Screw the vanilla setting and everything those crazy turks are doing for Bannerlord. All of that pales in comparison to my esteem of those who made TEATRC and whomsoever may pick it up in the future to finally fix those bugs, patch it up to the latest version of Diplomacy (or Bannerlord) and perhaps even revive its development.

It's no exaggeration to say that I would trade my entire steam library for continuous development of TEATRC. No other game (mod, no difference) ever resonated so thoroughly with me. None. And I have wasted much time playing games, believe me.

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