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I was wondering what your thoughts are on etymology in general, and philology (in its broadest sense) in particular.
You seem to put a lot of meaning into words that are related, and sometimes simply sound similar.

I've always seen philology as a form of 'history in blindness'. They show a history of human interactions, but by proxy so to speak - through language alone.
Words and their meaning change as time goes and simply looking back at the etymology does not necessarily enlighten us on current affairs.
I think the reason most of us reading your posts are amused is because there is no coherency in your ramblings.
You fling about words and their etymology as if it carried a meaning in itself.

When you say "the word excalibur seems to be Turkic in origin" it makes us no wiser, and I'm not sure why you're even saying it.
A long list of words that are related does not eventually lead to grand - previously hidden - revelations of aliens and Satans. It is borderline psychotic (I've interacted with many mentally ill people over the years and there are striking similarities).
E.g. I could say the word 'salary' comes from Latin meaning 'salt' (because soldiers were paid with salt). It's a fun anecdote but has nothing to do with the modern meaning.
Before answering your question in detail in the near future, I need to tell many others on the thread one thing. Many people here in my opinion are victims of a space race that most probably is the enemy of human kind. (there is a chance that they are the good ones, but good is relative) They and/or their chosen ones on Earth have the capability of controlling the thought process of human beings that stopped being Turks.

Being a Turk is a status. It might not be something that you are aware of. OR even though you think that you are a Turk, you might not actually be one if the prerequisites are not met. If the prerequisites of being a Turk are not met, these aliens are free to have limited control over you because of an ancient gene modification they performed on us.

So even if I might have the knowledge and ability to make you realize the truth, you might not be able to acknowledge it even if you are perfectly capable. For me, it is like trying to make you understand that 1+1=2. But for those lost ones with hindered perception of reality, their brain compiles my code into gibberish thus causing a syntax error.

In reality, there is only one nation on Earth and it is a nation of Turanians (Turan in old Turkic and Uran in ProtoTurkic ~ PreTurkic). The rest are constructs under control of companies (and so called banks) and NGO's and secret organizations and religious institutions that are corrupted forms of Tengri belief, controlled by these aliens. Some of them shockingly are even aware of this. Quran is a book that has the ability to shed light on everything if read properly without any prejudice. You need to use a dictionary that is old enough to acknowledge the context of the used words and Make connections with little details in recorded history and also ancient texts and mythology. You need to realize that it is not some kind of fantasy tale but a depiction of our history which actually is more like a sci-fi book.

The word company has the following etymology which is almost correct:
company (n.)

mid-12c., "large group of people," from Old French compagnie "society, friendship, intimacy; body of soldiers" (12c.), from Late Latin companio, literally "bread fellow, messmate," from Latin com "with, together" (see com-) + panis "bread," from PIE root *pa- "to feed." Abbreviation co. dates from 1670s.

The word is of course Turkic in origin.

KOM: belonging to all
BAĞ: to bind, bondage

It is a system in which a group of "elites" gain the power to put free humans into bondage and feed them. It is called slavery and to put one above everybody else. In Quran, this is the reason humans were cast out from the place that is called Heaven. Humans partnered with Lucifer (the ruler of a group of satans) with a dream to become the king of kingdom of heaven. By willing to become masters of others, they also became slaves of others. This is the system in our reality and it is a trap. (think of my sentences as if they are programming terminology. After all we are inside the simulation system)

In Arabic the word company is derived from "shirk".
shirk, (Arabic: “making a partner [of someone]”), in Islam, idolatry, polytheism, and the association of God with other deities.
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Ignoring the psychotic ramblings for a bit...
The word company has the following etymology which is almost correct:
company (n.)

KOM: belonging to all
BAĞ: to bind, bondage

It is a system in which a group of "elites" gain the power to put free humans into bondage and feed them.
Here's my point. Because the word 'company' might have meant 'bondage/slavery' doesn't mean anything when it comes to knowledge of companies (today, or the past hundreds of years of corporate history).
You're not getting wiser. You're not revealing hidden truths. It's like understanding what a brain is because it looks like a walnut, they're the same.
But as always I have no idea what you're saying.

The word is of course Turkic in origin.


Humanity is under attack by an ancient weird alien race. Their technological advancement is nonproportional and unstable. They can travel from one planet to another easily but they learned using fire to cook food from us humans. They can change the way a human being thinks and feels using radio waves, but they learned what music is from us.

There are beings on Earth that helps us. They are called "Saints of Khorasan". The land was called Turan in Shahnameh, but today known as Khorasan and was known as Transoxania by Greeks. I will not talk about the etymology of the word since that is counterproductive. This about the myth known as Agartha and Shambala ~the war between the children of light and children of darkness.

The true form of the word is "Ağartı" meaning "whiteness", "paleness", "hidden light", "Illumination" in Turkic. Their belief system today lives among the Alevite sect of Islam religion.

These people, or beings are responsible for establishment and destruction of Turkic states. Whenever a Turkic state deviates from their Turkic "töre" (knowledge that comes from within. Turkic version Magna Carta), they destroy the country and create a new one. They did so with Seljuks when they forgot their töre and and got influenced by Persians. Ottomans again when they started being Romans after they were once again destroyed.

There is a phenomenon on our world I would like to call unTurkification. People over time stop being Turks and that is when they are slowly destroyed. The aliens known as "satans" I talked about earlier have the ability to make free people (Turks) act like themselves wanting to become rulers over others using sound frequencies. Long time ago, they lost access to the planet but they started using their agents here to do the same using technology. They started using antennas and ships to achieve the same result. Some people in Russia tried to counter or copy this but their nuclear power plant powering their own antennas in Chernobyl was sabotaged.

Most of these agents of satans most probably are not aware that they are victims. They have been chosen to hold elite positions on Earth. They have been genetically modified long time ago but today they look like other humans and they think differently from the rest of the people. If you do not follow "Salat" (the Muslim prayer which actually is not a prayer) you are open to attacks. You need to touch your forehead and palms to clean-earth three times a day based on the position of the Sun in order to tune (and charge) your body to the protection system built by Dhu al-Qarnayn ~ (Hızır) ~ (Oghuz Khan). This protection stacks meaning even if you stop practicing it, it would take more than a hundred years to wear of. Today this protection system (Schuman Resonance) is being attacked by Bill Gates and will be destroyed (as written in Quran) and soon there will be no protection left for us humans and Salat will no longer work (as told in Quran).

The Saints of Khorasan can not be affected by the voice of Lucifer (the radiowaves). They have been given knowledge from higher planes by God in order to save a few of the human beings from being slaves of satans. Also all of the prophets belong to this family one way or another. They are the "As people" responsible for redeeming people into being Turks. Wherever they appear, Turks appear once again. I have to remind that Turkicness is not related with race. You may be a black or white person yet you may once again become a Turk.

The word Turan is not actually a Persian word. Shahnameh was written between 977-1010. The word can be seen on Yenisei Inscriptions, Barık 1 Bengütaşı and that is at least 450 years before Shahnameh was written.

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