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So to explain this titel I have an issue with the declaration of wars against minor clans in this game.

I own as a vassal of the khuzaits the city of Amperala the north-east most city of the Northen Empire (former owner :wink:). However with me managing my city great and all there is a memeber of a minor faction Embers of the flame (because they are at war with all the empire factions) and he keeps killing al the imperial caravans that want to trade in my city and doesn't leave the area.

Now, what I have read around on reddit and on taleworlds is that its normal/intendent that way. I state my demands they respond with "Are you mad?! Im not your enemy" and the only dialogue option left is "Forgive me sir I don't know what I was thinking".

In my opinion if u don't let foreing traders into MY CITY. YOU KINDA ARE THE ENEMY

I have nothing against the dev team or anything on how this game works for almost anything considering i have 1100hours on this game.
I just wanted to explain the thron in my side.

If there is an solution please tell me.

Thanks for reading :smile:


Yes the game is stupid, I just come out from a battle where the ennemy had advanced till my position and then got reinforcement clearly behind my archers. That game is so poorly made.

So for your problem, when it is really without any intelligent solution offered by the game, if you use cheats, just go for campaign.kill_hero [hero name] (beware that there are not two heroes with the same name, can happen), that's not very classy, but that game doen't deserve much more better than cheat-hits for some matters.

I have nothing personal either vs the devs but the game is at least dumb on many points which are common sense...


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Yeah it's kind of a wrench in the whole food supply/ workshop situation. Towns all dependent of caravans in a world that is in constant war? How did they ever get all the towns goin in the first place like that if they can't support themselves locally?


Well, another example of how stupid the game AI programming is. It should be: war declared by faction = -1 to continue current trade route.
Simple solution. I see this constantly, and is one of the major reasons I decided owning a caravan is a total waste of time. They just (mindlessly) keep their current trade route directly into or through an enemy territory when there are a multitude of other trade directions they could use.
It seems like such a small thing to add to the AI. probably 2 lines of code: at war with faction: -1 to trade route; at peace with faction: +1 to trade route.
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