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This mod attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe.  The starting point of the journey is year 1257 AD and attempts to be as historically accurate as possible.  From this point on the player and NPC lords shape this land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent.

You may not use any part of this mod without obtaining permission from the original author in any works, free or commercial, unless otherwise specified.

Current version: 0.95pre 10
0.95Pre 10 is old and not supported anymore! Most bugs found in pre version are fixed in the development version!
Development(SVN) version is found here:,169881.0.html
Available factions:

1. Kingdom of France
2. Kingdom of England
3. Kingdom of Scotland
4. Gaelic Kingdoms
5. Holy Roman Empire
6. Kingdom of Hungary
7. Duchies of Poland
8. Kingdom of Denmark
9. Kingdom of Norway
10. Kingdom of Sweden
11. The monastic state of Teutonic Knights
12. Kingdom of Lithuania
13. The Mongol Empire
14. The Republic of Novogorod
15. Kingdom of Halych and Volhynia
16. Kingdom of Portugal
17. Kingdom of Aragon
18. Kingdom of Navarra
19. Crown of Castile
20. Emirate of Granada
21. Papal States
22. Roman Empire of Nicaea
23. Crusader States (Cyprus, Antioch, Kingdom of Jerusalem etc)
24. Kingdom of Sicily
25. Mamluk Sultanate
26. The Latin Empire
27. Ilkhanate
28. Hafsid Dynasty
29. Kingdom of Servia
30. 2nd Bulgarian Empire
31. Marinid Dynasty

The mod currently requires Warband 1.131 (or above) and it is to be considered in alpha stage.  Bug reports and suggestions are welcome!

Special thanks for help and contributions (in alphabetical order), team members past and current:

Akmar Nibelung
Cèsar de Quart
Count Roland
Jean Plassy
Papa Lazarou
Rule zum Rabensang
Sidus Preclarum

(to be updated)

Other included works (in no particular order)

GutekFiutek - polished landscapes
Faradon - helms and weapons
DejaWolf - helms, axes, spears
Talak - weapons and helms
Checkmaty - more metal sounds sound pack
Adorno - ambient soundtrack, castles
Ron Losy - realistic combat model
the OSP project - helms and weapons
Rubik - script ideas
Siege pack by the Lords and Realms team
Spanky, original author of 1257 AD
Bembelrocker, Uggggh (I have to look this name up), German translation
Diplomacy mod - more info here - music
Janus - installer script
Motomataru - AI scripts and soon, hopefully, formations
Rath0s - long axe models and heater shield
Polished Skyboxes
Akmar Nibelung - French translation


Run the installer, specify the correct directory if necessary.  Get the music pack and extract it in the module's directory.


- historically correct map with accurate trade routes
- historically accurate persons
- historically accurate castles
- realistic and engaging combat
- AI and player armies that reflect the reality of 13th century, no top tier troop armies, peasants and low trained troops are your basic soldiers.  For the AI this is implemented through how they recruit soldiers, for the player upkeep help to enforce this rule.
- knight/nobility armour is unique.  Each knight has a unique costume with a matching barded horse, each lord has a historically accurate coat of arms which is displayed on his equipment (wherever historical information has been found)
- visually pleasing environment

Would you like to help?

I could use help with the following:

- historical research
- textures
- models
- suggestions
- translations - you can download the translator package here

Help us make it a great mod!

Current issues
- fief assignment is still not correct
- some coat of arms and surcoats don't match

changed patch 0.10
- ported to module system v 1.131
- morale penalties for mixing troops of different religions/cultures.
- Kingdom of Navarra removed
- Papacy no longer an active faction, ie. it does exist but it cannot attack or be attacked.
- mercenary contract expiry date added to the budget report
- pay day date added to the budget report
- peasant rebellions will be less frequent, if one breaks out and is put down another one will not break out for a month
- fixed autoloot bugs
- added troop trees documentation
- more bandits and lairs, now properly spread around the world as it was supposed to be
- adding kuauik's stuff (in progress)
- tavernkeepers can send messengers to companions and have them come to their tavern and wait for you to hire them
- some new mercenaries - genoese crossbowmen - available in Genoa, varangian guard - Constantinople when it's under the control of the Byzantine Empire
- equipment changes by Skandinav
- new helmets, various types
- formations added for the AI and player
- additional castles by DrTomas, Lehmsal and Dorpat.
- Andalusian castle props added, make some scenes please
- Granada reinforcement waves reduced by 25%
- lances and other polearms can break now (only affects regular troops and only for the duration of the battle)
- different composition of recruitment waves for different factions, ie. English get more archers, French more knights, etc.  So now even if the troop tree is the same the composition of the armies will be different.
- after death cam, free camera mode now available as well, mouse scroll up and down switch between your troops, WASD keys switch to free cam mode and let you view the battlefield freely
- map updated big time
- lots and lots of textures from kuauik, Cumans, Arabian stuff, lots and lots of stuff
- banners with proper heraldry for most factions now
- map performance better
- item pricing and stat changes (good quality items very expensive)
- new models for long axes by Rath0s
- new heater shield model by Rath0s
- settlements for France redone
- some settlements moved around
- 'plastic' spear shafts look like wood now
- faction religion now shows in the 'notes' window
- shield skill capped at 0
- powerdraw skill capped at 2 (still thinking about this, I can't balance bows properly with this skill in effect)
- powerdraw requirements removed from bows
- troops no longer have a 'shield' skill, that means the 'force field' is gone
- roads, they're flat now and much wider, they don't seem to attract the player anymore
- scenes by kuauik, Acre and Mann, I didn't add the arena scenes yet, planning to
- all of CounterPoint's swords are in game now
- heraldic lance added but not finished
- you can now sail freely anywhere (there are some limits but most seas are open), disembark points are marked with boats with lowered sails, if you want to be a pirate these are your choke points for caravans :razz:

changed patch 0.9
- multiple bug fixes
- great many textures by kuauik added
- Treyden scene by DrTomas
- Byzantine troop tree
- placeholders gone
- lords given new faces
- Skandinav's equipment changes merged (not all of it yet sorry)
- module system upgraded to 1.127
- polished landscapes added
- robber knight lairs fixed finally
- patrol dialogues fixed
- siege engine speed increased
- troop wages decreased 25%
- travel speed scripts reenabled, game time moves faster
- effect of religion reduced somewhat
- outdoor battle scene sizes increased
- number of lords reduced
- morningstar model replaced with native and the weapon sped up
- spears sped up 25%, hopefully that will make them better...

changed patch 0.8
- fixed family structures finally
- added Marinid Dynasty, Bulgarian Empire and Kingdom of Servia
- added settlements for factions that still lacked a few
- named a whole bunch of lords
- fixed a whole bunch of scenes
- reintegrated Diplomacy, again
- faction religions and religious differences are a big factor now
- caravan routes for factions that didn't have them
- peasant rebellions
- ability to recruit deserters
- patrols, prisoner trains and messengers
- more performance tweaks
- Cesis (Wenden) and Arensburg scenes by DrTomas added, these are fun to siege or defend!
- archery way more powerful now
- economy more or less fixed
- new font that supports many characters, not very pretty but it will have to do
- fixes for some castle scenes
- map tweaks (don't hate me Schmid975)
- lowest tier European cavalry have a chance to use crossbows, no more bows for them
- Lithuanian shields and helms by LDKsoldier added
- spears now use models by Dejawolf
- destrier charge bonus fixed
- some pricing fixes
- some weapons made faster
- and more stuff I don't remember

changed patch 0.7
- slow loading problem fixed
- stuttering, mostly fixed
- diplomacy mod removed again and probably for good, too many features that clash with what I want to do
- some more of Kuauik's and Kurunt's works available now
- reimplemented 'localized' conflicts again
- added some environment mod, forget the name and will look it up for credits
- added LDKsoldier's Balt helmets (thanks!)
- added the 'quick scene loader' mod to help with scene design


changed patch 0.6
- module system upgraded to 1.125
- fixed Cairo and Alexandria city scenes
- fixed a few issues with sea battles
- merchants will carry items appropriate for the town's region
- updated native castle scenes with those from 1.125
- made most of factional items available for purchase in the corresponding faction's cities
- deployable pavise for the player (can't use this for bots), find a shield called 'Pavise', use 'g' to deploy it.

most likely NOT save compatible, sorry.

changed patch 0.5
- upgraded to MS 1.123
- added a large amount of kuauik's textures
- diplomacy upgraded to 2.0
- reduced the number of bandits and took out traveling speed tweeks from patch 0.4 to improve performance, it should grind to a halt less frequently now.
- map updated by Schmid975 (thanks!)
- excellent sea battle scene by DrTomas
- castles from Adorno's castle pack

changed patch 0.4
- 13 factions added (Kingdoms of Portugal, Aragon, Navarra, Crown of Castile, Emirate of Granada, Papal States, Roman Empire of Nicaea, Crusader States, Kingdom of Sicily, Mamluk Sultanate, The Latin Empire, Ilkhanate, Hafsid Dynasty)
- 1 troop tree
- new 'whom will you serve' screen
- recruit one or all available recruits from village/town/castle
- new battle AI for land battles
- sea battles, not finished
- added some new textures by kauauik
- crusade mode when Jerusalem captured, not finished
- diplomacy mod reintegrated
- HRE settlements/lords finalized
- French settlements moved
- missing upgrade paths fixed
- multiple veteran archer entries fixed
- movement speed when traveling by sea trippled
- movement speed when traveling by road doubles (roads are 'steppe' terrain type so this bonus also applies to steppe)
- tweaked how time passes again
- added a new menu 'mod options' under 'take an action' while camping, you can change travel speed there if you like
- some bugs fixed and some added
The number of changes is starting to make the 'patch' just too big, next release will be the full installer again.

changed patch 0.3

- Scandinavian settlements - completed
- Lithuania, Novgorod etc - completed
- some new banners
- scene files added

changed patch 0.2

- added some unfinished factions
- restored travel speeds to what they were
- added plenty of bugs
- and fixed some too


changed patch 0.1

- fixed starting village assignment
- tavern keepers will give information on the whereabouts of companions (you can ask once every 24hrs)
- added templar troop tree (not recruitable yet)
- added modified dialogues and companions from tk_klondke
- increased the number of lancers mongols get
- increased the number of recruits from villages/towns/castles
- probably more I don't remember right now
- movement speed on the map reduced 50%

Changes 0.93-0.94
- further reduced wages
- removed restrictions on AI lords as far as troop composition goes

Changes 0.92-0.93
- troop tree fixes
- lower wages
- some new textures

Changes 0.91-0.92
- critical fix for faction slots, very important!

Changes 0.9-0.91
- troop trees overhauled
- balance changes (money, army composition, equipment etc)
- regional recruitment
- bug fixes
- and a lot more :smile:

Changes 0.8-0.9

Please note these changes are NOT save file compatible, you will need to start a new game (export and then import your old character, sorry).

- ported to MS 1.113
- many fixes
- many new textures
- world map performance should be much better
- battle performance should be much better
- unit upkeep costs are increased not as much as for M&B but still significantly higher
- mercenaries are now more expensive to hire (much more so) their wages are also double those of faction troops

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Download links:

Current installer without music:
MODDB mirror:

Rapidshare mirror (thanks Buggy1973):


Music is here


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