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Are you tired of kingdoms without any fiefs declaring you war and raiding fiefs and the fact that you cannot do anything about it?


This mod allows you to annex kingdoms if:

They are way weaker than your kingdom (less than 25% of your total strength).
  • They don't control any fiefs
  • You are controling big part of fiefs related to their culture (45% for Empire, 40% for other cultures).
  • To annex a kingdom you need to be a ruler and talk with this kingdom ruler.
  • Other rulers will also perform annexation if their kingdoms meet criteria for it.
Download modification from Steam Workshop

Download modification module from GitHub releases page

As a ruler you will always see the option to demand annexation when speaking with other kingdom's leaders, but you will only be able to go through the whole process if you're meeting all the criteria.

You can find the source code on GitHub: https://github.com/SulejmanDXIV/Bannerlord.Annexation


In general annexation is being performed using existing in-game mechanisms which are triggered as a result of new dialogue options, so it's savegame compatible and should be compatible with most of the modifications unless that modification has issues with handling of destroyed kingdoms (but then those modifications would also have issues after destroying kingdom in standard vanilla way when all clans are destroyed).

  • Diplomacy

    It is compatible with latest version of Diplomacy (v1.1.16). With older versions of Diplomacy game could crash because of the issue related to handling inactive kingdoms, but I've managed to fix the crash in Diplomacy and it was released with latest patch (you can see the changes there - https://github.com/DiplomacyTeam/Bannerlord.Diplomacy/pull/131).

  • DynaCulture

    Older versions of Annexation would crash if culture would not have influence on any of the fiefs. I have fixed that and I am not aware of any other compatibility issues - I am able to run the game with both modules.

    However, for some balancing of Annexation with DynaCulture and more extensive testing it would be helpful to get some more advanced savegames with this module and description of usecases that you might find problematic (I believe that check on percentage of annexed kindom's culture's fiefs might not make sense if you're already controlling them for quite some time and fiefs culture has been changed to your kingdom's).

  • Kingdom Decay

    I am not aware of any compatibility issues - I am able to run the game with both modules.


  • Some of the vassals of annexed kingdom declaring rebelion against you and their former ruler with lower relationship penalty for executing them.


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