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Need More Info Animations issue: Javelins turn dead soldiers into floating baloons.

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Since version 1.6.0 I guess, the ragdoll effect on death animations is overpowered. It happens mostly when using heavy javelins. Before that this effect seemed to me balanced and believable. But now using javelins feels like a bazooka shot or dead bodies way too light. In addition, bodies slide on the ground without any resistance as if it was ice.

By the way, when the ragdoll effect was balanced I wondered why not using it more often? Scripted animations are mostly very good but sometimes they look overacted like football players on penalty area, especially when they do saltos after medium blows. Have you tried keeping scripted animations when a soldier is wounded and automatic ragdoll for every instantly killed soldiers reagardless of the weapon used?


My favorite is the animation issue where horses, and sometimes soldiers, fly 3-4 stories high in the air when they are killed. I have to admit I did really like one the other day though where near the end of a siege I'm walking along and notice a body on the fence. He was basically sitting on the lower part with his arms over the upper part of the fence. Looked natural like he dragged himself into a sitting position & then just died there.


Sorry I can't capture videos But I just send my actual gamesave. You can experiment this when throwing javelins to any looter parties.
I little exaggerated in the thread title and bodies don't climb up to the sky. There is still gravity but it's like moon gravity and when they are hit the bodies are launched away faster than the javelin itself.


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Could you capture a video of this issue happening?
I don't know exactly in which patch the ragdolls suffered this exaggerated buff, however in the beta I don't remember it being like this (random video test).

Here is a video test of the current 1.6.2 where kinetic transfer is so exaggerated that it is possible to see bodies flying through the air as has been mentioned in previous comments. This is exacerbated by NPC or hyper developed player skills where the throws become more powerful.

No mods running ofc

At a personal level, I hope everything is going well for you. A big hug. 💪😎

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We were not able to reproduce this issue.
Can you reproduce this on campaign rather than custom battle? IF it happens please note the currently used javelin so that we can try as well.


This overpowered ragdoll effect will happen only when using strong javelins ( more than 100 piercing damages) on foot or when they are thrown from horse at very fast speed. If the impact is not strong enough it will trigger classic animation instead of ragdoll.

I did not manage to reproduce it in custom battles because equiped javelins are not strong enough. In the campain save I sent I used crafted javelins with 140 damage thrown from horse but I guess it will work with "highland javelins". My character had 160 throwing skill. Maybe it won't work with newly created character.


Hello! I think I have some more information about this problem and also another bug related to this discussed above.

Ragdoll bug you were talking about can be triggerd even by using cheap javelins and throwing axes if hero have very high throwing sills. After playing around a little bit with throwing weapons it seems to me that bug appearance depends not on weapon used, but on damage dealt and damage needed to the bug to occure is different for defferent body parts.

This bugged ragdoll can also cause bugged physics of reins of some horse armors when rider is killed. Mounting bugged horse escalates it even more. Defferent versions of "Imperial scale barding" used by imperial Cataphracts are prone to bugging reins physics, but I do not know if there are other horse armors affected by it.

I am sending below two videos showing mentioned bugs and link to the ticket with some bug summary and the save file I have used for videos recording. Game version used is beta e1.6.5, but campaign playthrough was on beta e1.6.4.

Have a nice day!

Showing different aspects of horse armor bug:

Causing bugged raggdolls and horse armor bug with low tier throwing weapons:
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