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Animations in fights

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Id like to see some cooler animations when NPC´s gets hit/wounded in combat - Like if they are wearing a shield and get wounded on their left arm (where shield is) that they cant raise the shield / drop the shield and cant move the arm. Same for the other arm. If they get hit in their right arm they can drop their shield and use left arm/hand for weapon but cant use right arm.

If they get hit in the legs they start to walk/run slower or even crawling :eek: or humping around and randomly falling when doing so.

For hits in the back/chest they could bend together and hold a hand eks. on their stomach - something like that so the fighting actually gets more visual and "real"

As for sounds in the battle id like to hear people screaming from wounds - Giving it an intense experience - more shouting, more chaos, more voices
Something that gets activated when standing closer to the npc´s involveld in that area ( like a 10 meter radius)

Remember to KEEP IT REAL guys :grin:
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