Ancient swords mini mod by wheene and nema (download link)

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you can find 8 new high resolution swords
New items are too cool!
I've just defeated the whole rhodock army alone
with no single point of damage!
This is kinda... too easy.
I think that RCM equipment make to much protection in native. Swords use native scale and they are not so strong. It is true, that they are not especialy balanced with others. But they are big two handed swords, any way. And we all know that native is to easy to play in general.

But we testing if so hi polyes work in the game. if normal swords have less than 500 polygons, have some of these maybe 5000 after triangulated. They will be use somewhere else if they will work witout crashing. It looks that they will :wink:
Now tested it ingame.

Criticism first or? Mhm... Nah we take that last.

First brilliant work, most of it looks amazing, ill point out which i dont like later.
The stats on the swords besides one or two of them is pretty much fair, a few of them arent though ill get to that in a moment.
The look of the quiver for the new arrows are absolutely amazing.


A few of the swords are a little strange in the look but well some may like that.
Stats on the no dachi, i think its a little to oversized, thats like Sephiroth's sword just with a different look.
The new bow is kinda ugly and over done, plus its stats doesnt make much sense.
The new arrows is kinda to strong, mix them with a warbow and well hit someone foot and its still a one hit kill, think i shot 10-15 arrows and all of them was one hit kills despite i barely hit their feet.
Female version of the armor looks kinda weird cause of the way the arms are placed all weird.
One more thing, there need to be a sword thats more based on speed than damage.
Stats on the armors are to high also.


Thats it for now, ill let ya know if there is more.
The swords look awesome, good work on the modelling, but you said that you were testng to see if the swords were too high poly for the game? Having one high poly weapon won't mess up the game, but when you start to get quite a few of them, that's when it lags. Try testing having a battle of 72 men with like 40 of them having your swords.
Thanks for oppinion, even for old Guardians party equipment. Here I prepare new lenght of weapons.
Of course I will prepare more swords for diferent battles. I wasn't have time to prepare them.


overall lenght 130cm cca
reach 120 cm

Dai katana

overall lenght 200cm cca
reach 180

overall lenght 89cm
reach 79 cm

Dragon slayer

overall lenght 106cm
reach 90 cm

overall lenght 91cm
reach 80 cm

overall lenght 86cm
reach 76 cm

overall lenght 107cm
reach 97 cm

Strenght and speed will depend from Native or rather REAL COMBAT MODEL
Update download version

Swords are now fited to realistic size and to native combat model.
I equipe all bandits and swadian armies with them. Other armies are still use native weapons partly or in whole.
(I remove all RCM (real combat models)weapons)

With 2GHZ and 1GB RAM I didn't find any problems during battles.

Tell me if you will find some slow motions or crashings during your battles.
Avaquar - tri count: 3640, (modeler: wheene, texturer: nema),
Kilgorin - tri count: 4976, (modeler: wheene, texturer: nema),
Cinthorc - tri count: 8516, (modeler: wheene, texturer: nema),
Luciendar - tri count: 5818, (modeler: wheene, texturer: nema),
Mithrodin - tri count: 2143, (modeler: wheene, texturer: nema),
Adjustment - tri count: 2644, (modeler: nema, texturer: nema),
Dragon Slayer - tri count: 1808, (modeler: wheene, texturer: nema),
Dai Katana - tri count: 2936, (modeler: wheene, texturer: nema)
Berserker-Reaver tri count 2258 (wheene/nema) reach 100

Runic blade (texture not finished yet) tri count 334 (wheene/nema) reach 85
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