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So recently, I wanted to create a character to celebrate my favourite Romancing SaGa (PS2 game, was released as Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song in Japan) Guella Ha, a spear wielding Geckling Knight (Geckling's are the lizardmen of the game), whom I always felt would make a better main character then Captain Hawke, whose party he starts in, though the other 7 possible main characters can also recruit him, as he seemed to improve a lot faster than any of the other characters in my party.

Ideally, I am looking for a good infantry pole-arm build, and any weapon suggestions are greatly appreciated as I tend to go bow and sword most of the time.
I don't know the game you are talking of, and i prefer a mounted toon as well, but still i might give you some advice:

- But first - what do you think about INT and personal/party skills?
If you don't intend to consider INT at all, all points can go into STR, AGI and combat-skills, which makes toon-development much more simple.

- STR is crucial for a fighter up to a certain point. You don't need 30 right away, but let's say 15 for most good armor and weapons.
- AGI should be increased next for this movement-increasing skill. High weapon master helps alot (i stopped at 4 and still achieved high proficies over a long time of fighting).

Thats all about attributes and skills i can think of atm. A melee footsoldier is kind of simple to develop it seems, but challenging to play.

Weaponwise there are plenty of spears to choose from. Does this Geckling Knight-Dude use a shield? If so, putting points into shield skill is a good idea.
I have a balanced war spear in inventory, but rarely use it from horseback. I'm not a big fan of stabbing-attacks while on foot, as swinging overhead is the way to go.
Not sure what spears allow swinging, but most likely they have to be wielded by two hands.

These are only some tips, i can't give you a full guide. But there a people here who play on foot exclusively. They can provide full detail tutorials and principles for tactical combat-maneuvers as well.

If I was going spear wielding infantry I would certainly be aiming to end up with a runed glaive, sapphire for me as I love the weapon speed. While hunting down Qualis gems to get that runed glaive you could try a warspear or Sarleon/Empire halberd, which are nice high damage weapons.

It's extremely difficult playing POP without some kind of ranged attack ability, even if it's just D'Shar wardarts, so you might consider a few points in power throw and getting some broadhead throwing spears, light pilums or similar.
Throwing weapons would actually work from what I remember of Guella Ha's techniques (sadly, my PS2 died awhile back), so I can go throwing spear type weapons as well. Already have some ideas for the CKO he'll found, the Geckling Knights, and their Geckling Soldiers, whom I'll need to seriously buff the crap out of and reinforce with archers, so maybe I'll either join Ravenstern, or also get some Silvermist to cover their lack of archery.
Southern Glaive is very cheap and deals a good cutting damage when used to slash. About stat, Athletic is very important for a spear fighter, so get at least 15 AGI. You need to be able to move forward and back fast since you can't really deliver a hit any close quarters.

The technique is to take a step forward, baiting your enemy to open their defense and attack, and step back while drawing an attack. When your enemy swings his weapon and misses, step forward and split his head in half. Proper stepping is the key. Also works on good combat AI. The difference is that their stepping is a bit more tricky.

Even though this build is superb for a duel, it's not good for a melee because of the reach, so you need to get a short spear and a shield. Though, you can attack an enemy a unit away by jumping and doing a vertical slash. With a cutting-oriented polearm, a short spear, and a shield, you can get a sword as an alternative short range weapon.
Been toying around with a pole-arm character using this name (may actually have him as my character) while my internet was down, and since I got a lance with my noble adventurer father background, I have been reassessing my stance on the infantry specific aspect of it, especially since even though it is a starting weapon, I can still one shot Vanskerry Raiders on my starting horse with couching damage before I hit level 7 and around 100 proficiency, so long as I don't get head-axed by a throwing axe.
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