An extremely odd and annoying bug.

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Basically when I started up the game, I noticed this when entering the multiplayer:

Then on the server screen:

Then ingame:

I also found out that some ******* had posted a totally normal-looking link, WHICH ACTUALLY CONTAINED A VIRUS and me being the fool had clicked on it. Antivirus programs are scanning the system now though, plus it has been updated now.

Just... seriously. He posted that link on a public place, and even counted how many people had clicked it. What an idiot.

But this all couldn't be messed up by a virus, could it?

Anyways, just leaving this here - I don't expect an answer, but help at least if possible.

Hi, there is a new patch released about an hour ago and we were just talking about it here,225282.0.html
I will be locking this thread so we can have only one thread about this new patch.
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