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I have been a fan of Mount and Blade since the first hour, this game is simply unique (concept, atmosphere…) and Bannerlord is incredible in beauty and gameplay (the essential aspect of the game for me), not to mention all the new additions (clan system and management, creation of banners, battle formations, marriage and children ...).
But, as the last element in this unusual game, I think there is a scenario missing. Not a mandatory scenario (we must be able to choose whether or not to follow this scenario from the start), but an improvement in the main quest, which is too weak. Maybe Taleworlds has already thought about it and it will be in the final version.

A scenario to really launch the game would make this game even more epic than it already is. This could take the form of the long initial quest (with a few important decisions to make), which would start with a very big battle (to give an overview of what the player can achieve). After this first big battle, for a few hours, the player would follow a little quest to free someone (his brother?) and that would end up on the siege of a castle. The clan would be formed after the success of this quest. Finally, the main quest would end in a second major battle, but this time making the player a young warrior recognized by the rulers of Calradia. The player could then choose to continue his route alone or to swear loyalty to a sovereign.

We can even think of including on the map a new city, larger and more beautiful than the others, the "capital" of the Empire and the continent (a calradian Constantinople) .
By including it in the scenario, this great and powerfull city could be destroyed at the end of the main quest (the player would attend), which would really start the decline of the Empire. This city could be located on the island in the sea, for example. Besides, I really hope that the final version of the game will allow naval battles and port assaults !

Also, I thought it would be great if I could be (or be) ambushed...

Dear developers of the game, finally, I really hope that you will develop the sieges for the final version (exit of the defenders in front of the castle, secret passage indicated by the inhabitants of the region, spy of the besiegers, nocturnals exchanges of catapults, attack by a reinforcement army and battle in the siege camp…). The maps, the castles and the cities are so beautiful that we really want to make the pleasure last !!!

In any case, great job, congratulations to you and continue like this! :cool:
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