AMTGS Teamspeak Server [75 Slot, open to clans]

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All IPs will be PM'd to clan leaders who seek the use of this teamspeak, rather than posting it out here as trollbait.

We're now opening our doors to SaS! If you'd like to apply to have a section [5 CHANNELS MAXIMUM] in our teamspeak feel free to contact me via PM or via this thread using THIS application format.

Regiment/Clan Name:
How many channels do you want? (5 max):
What are the names of the channels that you want?:
How many people do you have?:
What is your steam name?:

Once that application is filled your request will be reviewed by one of the numerous moderators.

We offer a 200 slot teamspeak server, where you will be granted your own section.

Sick of having to check this thread for news WHEN IT HAPPENS?
The only way to join is by invite, so you should add me or another admin should you want to show your support! Link.

Kindest Regards,
-Windbusche, head admin of AMTGS​


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No problem!

EDIT: Sgt Knight!

EDIT2: Bahaha. This post was that long ago? And I JUST HIT SERGEANT KNIGHT? Wow. Time flies.
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