American Colonial Militia [ACM]

[KoK] Dom

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American Colonial Malitia

Hello we are a group of friends who are just looking to have fun but be able to communicate with our team members. If you would like to join then add [5Brg] Dom on steam.


Colonel [Col]

Lieutenant Colonel [LtCol]

Major [Maj]

Captain [Capt]

First Lieutenant [Lt]

Second Lieutenant [2Lt]

Officer Cadet [OC]

Sergeant Major [SgtMaj]

Master Sergeant [MSgt]

Staff Sergeant [SSgt]

Sergeant [Sgt]

Corporal [Cpl]

Private First Class [Pfc]

Private [Pvt]



Colonel Barrett

Second Lieutenant Dom

Private Matthew

Private teheim2000


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First, i would like to know if there is a sheet or form type thing to sign up.
Second, i would like to join, because i want to try out this mod, and well since you guys are fairly new, i thought hey since im sorta new to this, why not join a new regiment/militia
and well if you happen to accept i will check back every so often, also you can contact me on steam, my name is Michaelsmithern
anyways have fun