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@ambiguousamphibian "Shieldwall Only"

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this video inspired me to play Bannerlord with infantry only, i'm still playing my sturgian character after more than 4000 in game days using only shield infantry.
if like me you are on foot, commanding a lot of formations can be a pain, but with only one block of infantry, is so much easier.
450 shield dudes in a shieldwall can beat an army of 1500 vlandians easily (with the right perks)... heavy cavalry can't do anything against a shieldwall.
cavalry was op in warband ... but in bannerlord it's not that good.
Also now that the square formation is finally fixed, horse archers are less of a pain, especially with only infantry.
with 450 sturgian infantry men (mostly tier 4 and 5) against 1500 high tier vlandians with lots of heavy cavalry .....
i win with 48 deaths and 240 wounded.
i have 300+ in medicine, wich is quite important for the HP boost to the units (+ all the right perks that gives HP boosts aswell).
the point is to be in one big thick block of infantry, where cavalry charge is ineffective, they get stuck in the block of infantry and die (knights will last a little longer, but die anyway dealing very little damage)
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