SP Native Amazing Work《Life in Calradia》 ,nice!

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Don't make me reinstall Bannerlord. Don't give me hope.
Good stuff. I wonder if a guy from community can create a housing, farming functionality, why do we get prision brakes as a top feature after months of waiting that's literally one dungeon and few enemy npcs.
Too compexTM TooCompilatedTM
Too bad it will more likely be broken with further updates and abandoned.
New update: We changed the user interface a tad and broke every mod that ever existed even text mods we are impressed enjoy.


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Hi jisiting2960, I'm the developer of Life In Calradia and I would like to thank you for the thread.
I don't come here often, so I'm glad you wrote about it and seem to enjoy it ☺️
woww..,come on ! your moddule is very good , Hope your MOD has more expansions, this MOD will be installed by everyone, wonder if the door of the house can be animated to open, no need to load, Or due to engine limitations, there must be loading animations, just opening the door is the interior scene, Can't do that?


I'm working on door system as you can see on video below.
For a completely open exterior + interior scene, I don't know if the game can handle all of that at once, houses can have a huge amount of objects.
Also would need to work on all the house models and collision mesh because there is no interior texture and no place to enter inside.
So a lot of work to do that!

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