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Welcome to Life in Calradia.

This mod is currently in working progress and require a new campaign start in version 1.7.0.
It should be put at the end of the modules/mods list.
I really encourage those who want to test it out, give their feedback or report bugs to use it.
Please keep in mind that's bugs may appear, mechanics can change and save can be corrupted.


Housing management
  • Buy, upgrade, rented houses and taverns (more details below).
  • Houses / tavern interior scene with prefabs interaction and leveling system.
  • Crafting.
  • Farming.

  • Enhanced relationship system.
  • Persistent preferences to give them a bit more personality and reactions according to their taste.
  • Managing companion gear impacts your relationship.
  • Giving gift can increase/decrease relation.
  • Teaching / learning system to boost their skills.
  • Add companions to your house or rented it.
  • In house routine according to the time of day and preferences / skills (cook, sleep, study, talk...)

Where are houses and taverns in Calradia?
They can be found on every Empire towns and these following Empire villages:
Varagos, Enoisa, Boreagora, Dradios, Arpotis, Odrysa, Metachia, Caira, Polisia, Tegresos, Gorcorys, Tevea, Saldannis, Vargornis, Eunalica.
For now each towns have 1 tavern and 3 houses (with same interior scene) and villages have 2 different houses with plots (based on their scene models).

How to buy houses / taverns?
When your start campaign for the first time you have to wait 1 day before some houses/taverns become available. A message will be displayed to notify you so don't forget to make a quick save after that!
Talk to notables, tavern keeper or take a walk around for more information (e.g "For sale" tag by pressing the Alt key).
At the end of each week, houses and taverns have a chance to become purchasable.

How much does it cost?
Depend on owners influence, relationship, size and town/village prosperity (higher prosperity => higher cost, lower prosperity => lower cost).
Tavern base price is 10000 coins and house is 7000. These values are subject to change and can be edit.

How to add/remove companions to houses?
You can simply talk to them or interact with the house's banner.
Note that companions cannot be added to taverns. They are automatically remove from houses when they are kicked of clan or house are sell/rented.
Main character siblings can be added after the family rescue quest completed.

How to rent houses?
Once you have buy a house, a new dialog become available for companions in your clan. Each houses have base income and companion cannot give you more that his troop wage.

How upgrade works?
All houses start at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 3. Each level has a cost and unlock new furniture/decorations. You can talk to tavern keeper or notables to upgrade them and at the end of a renovation time they will move to the next level.

How crafting works?
For now only cooking is available.
New items have been added for give a little more depth to recipes, they can be found in all market in town (talk to trader).
In house, interact with the "cooking pot" to access the list of recipes. Choose one or more recipes and after a period of time, they will be added to your inventory (if the list of recipes is still open otherwise on the next interaction with it).
Companion can also craft if he is cooking and ingredients are available in the house chest.
After battles, your companion can consumed recipes to recover some hit points from critical injuries if they are in his inventory.

How farming works?
Only village houses have plots.
Go to the plot, equip peasant pitchfork or peasant pole harm and hit the grown with it (clod of earth must appear).
Interact with the clod, choose a seed and wait for harvest (3 days for vegetables and 7 days for trees). Some plants need proper tool to be harvest so be careful.

What kind of interactions with companions?
Giving them a gift can increase or decrease your relationship (depend on companion's tastes). Pay attention to their reactions to find out what they prefer. Be patient and don't spam interactions because it will annoy them and your relationship will deteriorate.
You can also ask them to teach you a skill or learn a skill after a certain amount of relation.

What customization?
Many aspect of this mod can be edited. Here a quick list:
  • House/Tavern prices, upgrade prices, incomes
  • Items, item preferences and item modification
  • Crafting (recipes, ingredients, crafting time...)
  • Farming (harvest count, growing speed, grow stage...)
  • Translation, all texts are accessible from an external file and French is already implemented.

Future plans:
  • Balance prices/incomes/XP/cooldown
  • Add more houses/taverns interior scene (community help needed!)
  • Tavern management (no precise ideas yet)
  • Extend crafting/farming
  • Main character babies (relationship and skill learning)
  • ...

Bugs report
To help me fix bugs, please try to give as much detail as possible (process, situation, location, hero interaction...). If the game crash, you can also attach the crash log in your message (located in C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\crashes).
I haven't try to load any other mods but if they not modify settlements.xml, location_complex_templates.xml or some scenes it should be alright.
Be sure to always put this mod at the end of the list in load order.

You can find development progress HERE.

I hope you have fun with it!


I've been using it for the past couple of days and it's working very well.

Of course village housing is still limited to a select empire villages but it's very well done and the possibilities seem endless here.

Lots of Skyrim vibes. Can't wait to see where this goes.


And when I get a hankering for Skyrim vibes, I will just play Skyrim. It's not as likely to crash whenever there is an update.

no one is telling you to download this mod.

many of us want to play this game and have more to do when in peace time.

go play skyrim, total war and whatever else that "doesn't crash" for all we care.


Cool mod idea, I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy having more roleplay elements in their game.


And when I get a hankering for Skyrim vibes, I will just play Skyrim. It's not as likely to crash whenever there is an update.
Did you come in here to complain? There are threads for that. You don't always have to state your opinion. It's holds minimal value and is in no way constructive.
Good stuff. I wonder if a guy from community can create a housing, farming functionality, why do we get prision brakes as a top feature after months of waiting that's literally one dungeon and few enemy npcs.


Good stuff. I wonder if a guy from community can create a housing, farming functionality, why do we get prision brakes as a top feature after months of waiting that's literally one dungeon and few enemy npcs.

ya it baffles me too.

months of waiting for a patch that re-arranges the deck chairs with more "balancing" and crash fixes and these modders who are usually just one person behind a given project pulls this sort of stuff that brings a whole new dimension to the game.

i guess though its a TW achievement that they provided excellent modding tools to these people to make all this happen.
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Looks nice but curious - are there any chance of in scene disputes or potential violence? Always wanted that to make village scenes more risky and interesting


Cool idea, simple feature that tw's could of added to the official game. Keep up the good work, can't wait for other features!


Nothing like playing as an actual peasant! Great mod, it adds nice variety to gameplay


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@jisiting2960 is this your own mod, or are you just promoting it because you like it?
I'm asking to know where to exactly i should move the thread, depending on your answer, as it is misplaced in the Citadel whichever the case is.
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