Amazed and Impressed by Ongoing Work


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I got into M&B shortly after the beta was available,  when there was only two factions and bows didn't have strings, so I've been playing M&B on and off for about 13 years.  :-p

I spent a lot of time playing S&S right after it was released, and now that I've gotten into M&B classic again I fired it up.  It's amazing how much work N0ught has and continues to put into this.  There's nothing else in the world like it.

Exceptional work, sir.


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Thank you very much for the words of encouragement - I am currently actively working on development, though I post more about it in the discord channel than the forums here - it is a way to encourage more active communication in the Solid and Shade community. There is a link in one of the stickies. Perhaps we will see you there. :mrgreen: