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Am I the only one who doesn't like the huge battles?

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Yes, we need populations divided into classes - rich, merchant, poor, slave etc etc and different troop types from each. Exterminating a large number from any class has it's consequences - riots etc.

But would the AI handle pops / classes ... errrr .. probably not so ..

Even if you got the AI to handle it well, it might not even be fun since one of the ideal strategies would be to fight as little as possible and only rise up when every other faction was had depleted their manpower.


yes , and we can see the "casualties of war" In the diplomacy menu , after just few days (in game) there are usually dozen of thousand, like wtf , we need a population system , where just throwing thousand of men to the grinder would not be "free"
That's a big variable that might backfire, i don't know if bannerlord is ready for that yet but it is something a modder might fiddle with once the game is released.
Yeah, the game would be better if putting an army in the field meant that most of a factions garrisons had to be half-drained but that isn't the case in Bannerlord.
I would settle for that.

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I hate the small battles more as i have to use my troops and a lot of them will die
Dying isnt the problem its retraining troops back to that level grinding through looters in ar is a great way of losing a lot of decent troops so you are in a constant looter grind mess for a while trying to recover your loses (i go with a party of 150 troops 50 archers 50 footmen and 50 shock cav)
Plz taleworlds fix the fookin AR
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