Alternative Solution to Auto resolve killing your army unreasonably.

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Hello, As many other have probably been annoyed about, when you engage an enemy that you far overpower such as looters, Auto resolve will often kill a unit of yours even a high value one that would nearly never die if u just let the battle play out. This is frustrating because this game has a heavy reliance on farming looters/weak bandits to level up your troops (a seperate problem I think needs some addressing)

There seems to be a fairly easy and obvious alternative solution to this already in the game, When you die in a battle you can then hit a fast forward button while your army charges, I would LOVE it if you just add in a option where I can load into the battle without my player character there (as if I had fallen in battle) and just hit the fast forward button, most battles only take less than a minute with this on and it would allow the player to not lose valuable troops against looters almost ever, this would also save the monotomy of manually fighting 100's of battles against looters every playthrough at normal speed to not lose your heavy cavalry to auto resolve.

If this has already been posted and addressed sorry for redundancy I am interested in anyones opinions on this idea.
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