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The main quest of the game tends to make all campaigns just flat with two possibles outcomes: be a kig or support a king.... In the sandbox concept i think it lacks of choices and make all player characters be what its supposed to be a "bannerlord" (i get it, its the title of the game). But in an open world the "free will" has to be an important matter. I dont think i'm the only one that i tried to start a campaign and be a criminal but the main quest doesnt let me and always end up being a fancy lord of a castle or a penny king with a dragonbanner (...dragons...). Im not saying that the actual main quest its bad, it works for now in its EA for having a clear objective, but i think it could be reworked in future for making each campaign different and the game replayable.

The suggestion that im making its that after creating your character (also character backround should be reworked, as chosing family backround and members), you have to select a main quest tree for your clan, that depending of wich desicions you made trought them its what results. Always you can return to the original objective and make yourself a king or support someone else, but it will depend on your clan focus how you made it, and how you get support of other fancy lords.

Depending on the backround of the created character the "quests trees" could be something like this not getting too extended: (just some ideas that come up)

1.- Nobility quest tree: rising from a local high born and ending up beeing a kind of benevolent/cruel king or lord supporting an alike king. (ending up as a high-king / emperor /etc..)

2.- Chivalry quest tree: rising from a local warrior who become a knight founding his own chivalric order, who can become the leader of a sort of kingdom/religious order who fights for what they think its the "rightgeous" way of doing things. (ending up as a warlord dictator / order-head / etc...)

3.- Merchantile quest tree: arising from a local merchant trader to a bigshot capitalist that has his hand all over the continent, overthrowing leaders depending on the relations that you could have with them, and maybe get a throne for yourself after claiming you as the rightgeous owner of all the subjects in Calradia. (endig up as a new republic head maybe)

4.- Criminal quest tree: starting as a beggar or lowlife criminal and making your way leading a kind of "cartel" empire, you can associate with different minor factions to sabotage and loot other kingdoms, and finally taking power by force (ending up as a beggar-king / ciminal head / etc...)

This could be implemented in a long term, and maybe when the final release comes out, by now the main quest gets really repetitive. If this is nosense for you its OK too..
sorry my english, not native
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