Alter Looter upgrade from "Imperial Infantryman" to "Watchman"

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Once you get the 'Disciplinarian' perk, you gain the option to upgrade Looters, one of the weakest units in the game, into Imperial Infantryman, who have the potential to become the Imperial Legionary, which is one of the most powerful infantry units in the game. While not a major issue of balance, (as it seems only the player character has the ability to use disciplinarian) it does provide the player a virtually endless supply of free recruits in every corner of the map that have immense potential for growth. And while considering the widespread nature of looters, it makes little sense that such a unit should upgrade into a unit specific to a single culture, as they are native to every region of the map.

Therefore, I believe the game would be well served by shifting the upgrade option to "Watchman", as it is the lowest rank of the Mercenary troop tree, which is, like the Looter, native to everywhere (and nowhere). Additionally, the highest tier units in the Mercenary troop tree are substantially weaker than the highest tier units of the Culture-specific armies. This would also serve the dual purpose of allowing the player to use the looters as an emergency reserve, as it were, for any unit type needed, as it gives the option to eventually upgrade the unit into either Infantry, Crossbowman, or Cavalry, as opposed to strictly Imperial Infantry, while still reducing the overall power of the Looter's final upgrade.


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Good suggestion!
The argument that they are a general troop that belongs to a general troop-tree bites on me

I have never come across the OP-ness of harvesting looters for upgrade though :smile: "Disciplinarian" is a rather high-tier perk, you get your own troops by harvesting these bandits instead. I find that more OP than mixing in a weak Imperial infantry- troop.

On the contrary, there are no other bandit-faction associated to Imperial troops. So in a way it makes some sense.
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