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Welcome everyone!

To Alpha Centauri.


By the year 2060, human civilization on planet Earth has been ravaged by war, famine, pollution and poverty. In a final effort to give humanity a fresh start, the U.N. launches the Starship Unity. Ten thousand crew and colonists, under the leadership of Captain Garland and bearing nothing to signify their country of origin, are placed in cryogenic sleep. They depart on a decades long journey to colonize the planet "Chiron" in the Alpha Centauri system.
Forty years pass without incident to ship or crew. With the Unity only days away from planetfall, a core malfunction awakens the crew prematurely. As they attempt repairs, an unknown assailant kills the ship's captain. Panic and confusion follow in its wake. Seven leaders are able to restore order but it comes at the cost of the original mission. The colonists reorganize themselves into several groups, each following one of the leaders. Aligned now not by nationality but by ideology, each faction takes control of a colony pod. The Unity, its operations neglected, breaks apart in high orbit around Chiron, now named "Planet." Colony pods, resources and supplies are scattered on the surface and humanity begins constructing civilization anew.

This BoP will be based off of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, a marvelous and critically acclaimed turn based strategy game and arguably one of the best 4x turn based strategy games of all time, inspired by it's rich setting. I remade this thread to refresh it and give it a clean slate.

That said, no previous knowledge of Alpha Centauri is needed. All one needs to know is that humanity is colonizing an alien planet in the year 2100, and that it's relatively unknown to the likes of the colonists who dare tread upon its surface. There will likely be a lot of variations and differences to the original source material for the sake of exploration and discovery.

There will be a minimum of 5 players desired, but more are welcome. I'm thinking of capping at 10 for now but I may change that for the future.

Each player will take control of a faction, each faction being distinct in its ideology its committed to, as well as bonuses and flaws to how their society operates. I'll be expanding upon the rules in following posts.

I will be taking a lot of inspiration from the game itself, but expect some changes to help ease things up.

So what else can you expect in this BoP?

For starters, it will be rather roleplay heavy. And to encourage people to immerse themselves either by taking a premade faction and its leader or making their own.

You will be interacting with people, with characters in a very loose format. There likely won't be any actual real time chat based roleplay (unless its sought out) but in your orders you'll be confronted with issues, some of them based on specific individuals or communities and how you handle them will carry consequences.

So in that respect you can either take an existing faction from the original SMAC universe, or roll with a brand new faction of your own design.

Another thing to note is Chiron may not mirror what SMAC players originally know of the planet. There may or may not be local flora and fauna you are familiar with- it's going to be quite new and everyone is going to have to discover Planet for themselves.

And finally, I will be taking a lot of inspiration from the beautifully done MesoBop done by Pixel, in terms of mechanical gameplay- although I will be having some distinct differences that I'll cover in the 2nd post of this thread.

The format for custom factions is as follows:

Faction name:

Faction symbol:

Faction Description:

Leader Name:



A special note on your background- think on why your character joined a faction, and on that note think of 3 prominent skill sets the character may have. You can be as creative as you want with your skill sets, but keep in mind your background affects how other characters view you and interact with you. For the most part, everyone who was able to come aboard the Unity had qualifications in something, was exceptionally talented, or had considerable wealth or social pull.

In Alpha Centauri BoP, players can choose one of the original factions or make their own. Here are examples from the original SMAC factions.

(I do accept the Alien Crossfire factions as well; barring that of the Progenitors.)

Each of the Original factions and their leaders is as follows
The Spartan Federation


The Spartans are paramilitary survivalists. They believe in both a right and a duty to keep and bear arms. The Spartans start with the schematics to make scout rovers and in addition to that a small force of scout rovers already built, and they do not have to pay extra to develop prototypes of new units. Morale of their units is exceptionally high, and their citizens accept strict police control as a necessity, but their extravagant military needs weigh down industrial Operations.

Colonel Corazon Santiago

Leader Gender: Female
Leader Background:
Born 2026, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Family emigrated to Mexico City; orphaned during East Side Riots of 2034. Joined survivalist gang known as Jade Falcons; remained in city with younger siblings for several years more (exact whereabouts unknown). Later appeared in Boyce Heights, New Los Angeles, alone. Joined NLA Red Panthers (community security force), then moved on to join City Guard; distinguished self as Battalion Commander as city imposed martial law in 2050. Joined U.N. Security Force in 2053; excellent discipline, physical agility and ability to thrive in any environment led to selection as part of security force, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission.
Subject possesses strong discipline and ability to suppress own needs and comforts for greater goal. Physical skills and abilities top-notch; subject shows great pride in physical conditioning and disdains weakness. Mental agility and will to survive are superior; highly tenacious.
Possible danger of explosive physical violence with subject due to deep wounds suffered as a child, but subject's exemplary ability to control and channel these responses has made her a model soldier. In spite of reservations, subject comes with exemplary references, and subject's unshakable will to survive could prove beneficial in difficult missions. Recommend subordinate position in security force

The Human Hive


This faction is ruled under harsh collectivist/authoritarian principles. The good of the individual is totally subordinate to the state. They are isolationist, and militaristic. The Hive begins with considerable survelliance technology and extremely loyal corp of political officers. Their bases are built underground, making them more difficult to attack at least early on. Their population growth and industrial development are above average, but their economy tends to lag behind others. The Hive cannot adopt democratic politics.

Chairman Sheng Ji Yang


Leader Gender: Male
Leader Background:
Born 1999, Wuhan, China; father a prominent Chinese lit scholar. Master of the Five Excellences: calligraphy, poetry, painting, traditional medicine, and martial arts (including martial tai-chi, wushu, and others). Studied Chinese Literature and Military History at Beijing University, later acquired a PhD in Psychology from same.
Taught joint lock techniques to Chinese military during the Second Golden Revolution, then commanded Golden Emperor's personal security force. Vanished for several years following the Crimson Succession, to resurface in United Nations security training force. Selected Chief of Security, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission.
Exceedingly deep and powerful mind; near flawless visual and kinesthetic recall. Somewhat antisocial, security minded to the extreme, with elaborate psychological defense mechanisms against emotional entreaties. High stability and loyalty to mission indicated. Driven primarily by need for security and control. Powerful will; leadership potential high but strong tendency to control and manipulate followers can result in almost cultlike following. Tolerance for pain exceedingly high; .96 on Atherholt Trauma Function Test.
Earlier psych tests showed suspiciously near perfect normals along all axes. Yang likely used his strong will and extensive knowledge of psychiatric indicators to manipulate test results in his favor.

The University of Planet


The University is completely dedicated to research and the free exchange of information. They are rumored to sometimes put the pursuit of knowledge ahead of ethics. They start with a network node and sucessfully running internet which helps speed up research considerably, and have a surplus of scientists compared to the other factions. Each University settlement receives a free Network Node when founded. The University’s research progresses quickly, but their open-access philosophy makes them susceptible to attacks by covert “Probe Teams,” while their callous elitism can easily lead to unrest among the workers.

Academician Prokhor Zakharov


Leader Gender:
Leader Background:
Born 1994, Cherskiy, Russia. Educated Interlink Correspondence courses, Universities Moscow and St. Petersburg. Joined Kolymar Defense Force out of college, tested very high in engineering aptitude, sent to University of Moscow on site for Master's in engineering. Later served as Combat Engineer along the Bering Strait, developed specialized snowbound powered armor for skirmishers, coupled with profound ability to land heavy machinery in any imaginable conditions. Quickly rose to Chief Engineer, Kolymar defense initiative.
When skirmishing ended was brought back to Moscow to a high-ranking R & D position in the Russian Republic Ministry of Defense. Used a trip to a conference in Germany to transfer to the United Nations team responsible for developing planetside technology, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission. Recommended unconditionally by high-ranking U.N. official for position of Chief Science Officer on ship; selection proceedings security locked until five years after launch.
Cognitive ability exceedingly high; genius level. Worldview driven almost exclusively through logic. Poor ethical judgment and inability to weigh in emotional factors; moderate deficiency in social functioning. Puts strong reliance on tools and his ability to use and adapt them; this, over human values, represents ultimate good. Ability to work as part of a team towards definable goals invaluable to mission, but poorly defined sense of ethics and tendency toward self- aggrandizement must be closely monitored by ranking superior.

The Lord's Believers


The Believers seek a life of prayer and religious worship. Because of the strength of their convictions, they get a bonus when attacking their enemies. They start with a strongly devoted populace and established priesthood that are well versed in social politics and patterns. The Believers are resistant to probe brainwashing, but their suspicion of secular science retards their research efforts, and their belief that Planet is their promised land sometimes interferes with their ecological sensitivity.
Sister Miriam Godwinson


Leader Gender: Female
Leader Background: Born 2014, Athens, Georgia, father a high-ranking member of the Evangelical Fire. Baptized in River of Fire at age 7; attended series of religious schools, including College of the Covenant. Received Ph.D. in psychology from Yale University.
Abundant charisma led her to position as ranking Psych Priest of Heavenly Diocese; later appointed U.N. Honorary Psych Chaplain for Re-integration Forces sent to countries decimated in Crusader Wars. Reassigned stateside when native populations elevated her to a cultlike religious figure (the Prophet Phenomenon often coinciding with post-nuclear madness).
Political pressure for the reconciling of the secular and the spiritual led to her appointment as Psych Chaplain, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission
Empathy and charisma make subject a natural leader; people are drawn to subject without necessarily understanding why. Able to use mannerisms and rhythms of speech to evoke deep spiritual responses in weak-minded individuals, or intelligent individuals seeking order and security in the face of chaotic events.
Single-minded focus on bringing hope and spiritual guidance to any problem she encounters makes her a strong candidate for Psych Chaplain. However, subject must be cautioned against casting spiritual matters into a personal vision of a relentless God that may personify struggles existing within her own Psyche.

The Peacekeeping Forces


The Peacekeepers exist to support the humanitarian principles of the United Nations of Earth, the organization that originally commissioned the Unity expedition to Alpha Centauri. They start with extra medical specialists and doctors, and a prefabricated hospital unit. The idealism of this faction attracts an intellectual elite, but their society possesses a tendency towards bureaucratic inefficiency. But due to this, the Peacekeepers also have an abundance of administration that can enact social policies much faster and manage populations to make them feel much more properly represented, decreasing social disorder. Peacekeepers however do not support police states and totalitarian systems, valuing democratic process and free will.

Commissioner Pravrin Lal

Leader Gender: Male
Leader Background:
Born 2006, Rajkot India. Degree in Philosophy and Medicine, Oxford University. Trained in Thoracic Surgery. Achieved international acclaim for selfless devotion to victims of radiation poisoning following the Twelve Minute War and the India Border Conflict. Served as member of research team investigating genes that encode proteins aiding with DNA repair, University of Basel, Switzerland. Later appointed Assistant Director, World Health Organization. Top candidate for Chief of Surgery, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission, as assessed by the United Nations Space Authority.
Seeks to de-escalate conflict and create harmonious environments. Dedication to ideals of U.N. mission unquestioned, loyalty superb. Able to perform well under extreme pressure; score .87 on Atherholt Trauma Function Test (recovery score moderate). Deep connection to loved ones possibly exploitable by Adversary.

Gaia's Stepdaughters

The Gaians are determined not to repeat the environmental mistakes of old Earth. They seek to live at peace with Planet. They start out with genetically modified crops and terraforming equipment to help them settle the new planet, and advanced abilities to interact with the native life, including the ability to move freely through xenofungus squares and gather extra nutrients from fungus. Their empathy with Planet gives them the ability to place ravaging wild mind worms directly under their control. Their experience with recycling sys- tems makes their bases more efficient, but their pacifist leanings undermine the abilities of their military units, and they resent police control in times of crisis. Because of negative environmental consequences, the Gaians are unfavourable towards rampant industry and consumerist lifestyles.

Lady Diedre Skye


Leader Gender: Female
Leader Background:
Born 2025, Edinburgh Scotland, father a U.N. security consultant assigned to various crisis locales worldwide. Studied at Cornell University School of Agriculture, acquired Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Environmental Biology, Masters in Biology, Ph.D. Biology and Genetics. Immediately distinguished self with deep intuitive knowledge of plant strains and ability to intuit powerful genetic manipulations at Bionex Research Lab, White Plains, N.Y.
Later worked for Red Cross and United Nations Disaster Relief Fund to revitalize radiation contaminated areas with highly specialized biostrains (Skye variation v097 apple and Skye Mark IV wheat strain considered as highest examples of adaptable biogenetics in contaminated soil). Selected as top candidate for Mission Botanist/Xenobiologist by U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission Committee, appointed against wishes of Chief Science Officer Prokhor Zakharov.
Relies on deep intuitive sense combined with scientific knowledge for determination of future actions. Powerful mind and will combined with broad base of knowledge leads her to excel in chosen area of expertise. Sense of isolation from childhood events (e.g. divorce of parents) and prelaunch events reinforces strong tendency to introversion. Strong connection to environmental causes may cloud scientific judgment; strong democratic leadership style may result in subject placing welfare of loyal subordinates above welfare of mission as a whole. Appeals to reason should prove effective in discouraging these behaviors.

Morgan Industries


The Morganites are organized along corporate lines, and dedicated to laissez- faire capitalist economic principles. They start with 100 energy credits and a production factory unit and the ability to create more from the start and receive a bonus to all income from commerce between factions. Morganites have expensive tastes, making it difficult for them to support units in the field, and their citizens are resource intensive and wasteful, while also having considerable problems with disparity. The Morganites abhor planned economics, regulation and socialist policies.

CEO Nwabudike Morgan


Leader Gender: Male
Leader Background: Born 2005, of African royalty. Nwabudike, using seed money to buy and sell weapons during the Sahara Burst Wars, was able to purchase a private mercenary force to claim a series of diamond mines from a defeated enemy nation. Leveraged his growing wealth to expand into several other businesses, including mercenary forces, U.N. escorts, brokering food deals, and creating Morgan SafeHaven Hotel Fortress chain for the discriminating executive.
Additional Notes (full disclosure): When Russian economic system crashed again in 2058, Morgan Industries was retained by the U.N. as one of several private businesses to work on the sprawling Unity Project. Work completed in a timely manner. Nwabudike Morgan's whereabouts currently Unknown.
This Namibian diamond tycoon and the Unity franchise holder is a powerful and charismatic individual with very high self-confidence. Relishes life and regards his life as a series of transactions; anything, any interaction, can be shaped if the proper currency (money, love, threat of pain, affection, etc) can be brought to the table. Does not like to lose. Long series of successful business dealings has reinforced both ego and transactional worldview. Soft on ethics: "let the market decide." Pride in work and deep desire to see the Unity depart for worlds uncharted ("the last hope," he called it) should assure work will be completed roughly as contracted.
Note: If this company is used, be careful that auditors of Morgan Industries work have no contact with Morgan Industries or its agents. Bribery of U.N. officials is a possibility with this subject. is a distinct possibility.
Notably, Anjeli Bole transferred from the Unity Project Team to a position in private industry before the entire report could be filed.
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Work in Progress

In Alpha Centauri: Colonization of Planet, every faction has their own inherent societal values, and can further augment their values by adopting different societal models. Certain societies may have bonuses, penalties or tout or prefer certain societal models, while completely abstaining from and avoiding others based off of their ideological stand points.

Every societal model will alter the stats of one's society, and social engineering is an expected part of this BoP.

But it should be noted that not all societal models are accessible from the start! As some may require certain social and technological developments to occur within one's faction and society.

Societal models are split into politics, how the government is ran, economics, how the economy is run, values, what the society overall values culturally, and future society is reserved largely for specific technological and social breakthroughs.

Each social model is described as follows:
Political systems
Frontier politics represent the informal governing arrangements made in early colonies, before populations reach levels requiring more advanced forms of government. Frontier politics provides no bonuses or penalties.
Police States use oppression and high security to keep their citizens in line, and allow their leaders great power over military decisions. But oppression of this type also decreases economic efficiency.
Democracies allow citizens to participate in government, and forgo oppression and the stability it confers in favor of growth and efficiency. But citizens remain suspicious of large military deployments, and civilian oversight creates large military bureaucracies, so military support costs increase.
Fundamentalist politics unite a society behind a strong, dogmatic religion. Evangelizing the populace can create loyal, even fanatical military forces, and tends to immunize citizens against (other forms of) brainwashing, but technological research tends to suffer under the continual assaults on intellectual integrity associated with such regimes.

Economic systems
Simple Economics describes the informal, ad hoc economy which develops in the early years of planetfall, before more organized economic systems can be put in place. Simple Economics provides no special benefits or penalties.
Free Market economics turns market forces loose in your society. Unfettered market economics can produce great wealth quickly, but in the context of Planet’s fragile emerging economies can also lead to extremes of pollution and ecological damage. Also, citizens rendered suddenly poor by the actions unscrupulous moguls may revolt against their energy-fattened masters.
Planned economics promotes stable industrial and population growth, but sacrifices efficiency. Either a semi-market economy kept in check by fierce governmental regulation, or a completely state controlled economy.
Green economics strives to integrate sentient progress with the needs of the biosphere. Green economies use resources efficiently and tend to avoid the excesses of industrial development which could provoke Planet’s native life, but population growth necessarily suffers for lack of space.
Survival is of course the all-encompassing first priority of early human space colonies. Survival as a priority provides no special bonuses or penalties.
Power seeking leaders build strong, well-paid military forces to enforce their will. But Economic and industrial infrastructure may suffer from bloated “defense” budgets.
Knowledge seeking leaders desiring intellectual enlightenment will pour resources into research and education. They will also tend to promote the free exchange of information, which increases efficiency but also carries greater security risks.
Wealth seeking leaders will concentrate on building economic and industrial infrastructure rapidly. They achieve rapid growth and development, with possible side effects being decadence and moral decay.
Future Societal Models
None, or no Future Society, simply means that your society has not yet evolved to a far future society. No bonuses or penalties apply.
Cybernetic, In the far future, citizens may turn many of the tasks of governing society over to artificially intelligent computers, increasing efficiency and freeing individuals for more creative tasks. But will workers displaced by computers sink into despair, poverty, and possible unrest?
Eudaimonic! Perhaps the most pleasant to contemplate living in, this far future society takes its name from an ancient Greek word for fulfillment and happiness. Eudaimonic society encourages each citizen to achieve happiness through striving to fulfill completely his or her potential. Population, Economy, and Industry all experience healthy growth. Violence fades as society grows more tolerant and just, and even when this society’s hand is forced it often shoots to subdue rather than to destroy.
Thought control, the ultimate in “Big Brother” methods, Thought Control effuses subtle neurochemical triggers into the atmosphere to render its population obedient, loyal, and resistant to outside ideas. But significant resources are required to maintain this level of control.

Societal effects are as follows:
Economy - The raw strength of a society's energy economy. Determines the amount of energy generated on a general basis through both production and commercial trading.
-5, -40% energy each base!!!
-4, -30% energy each base!!
-3, -20% energy each base
-2, -10% energy each base
-1, -10 % energy at HQ base
0, Standard energy rates
1, +10% energy each base
2, +10% energy each square!
3, +20% energy/base +1 commerce rating!!
4, +20% energy/base; +2 commerce!!!
5, +25% energy/base; +3 commerce
6, +30% energy/base; +3 commerce
Efficiency - Energy costs to run your society. Higher efficiency means the cost of running infrastructure is reduced by a percentile value.
-4, Economic Paralysis, 20% increased costs for running infrastructure!
-3, Murderous inefficiency 15% increased costs for running infrastructure
-2, Appalling inefficiency 10% increased costs for running infrastructure
-1, Gross inefficiency 5% increased costs for running infrastructure
0, High inefficiency
+1, Reasonable efficiency 5% decreased costs for running infrastructure
+2, Commendable efficiency 10% decreased costs for running infrastructure
+3, Exemplary efficiency! 15% decreased costs for running infrastructure
+4, Paradigm Economy!! 20% decreased costs for running infrastructure!

Growth - How well your society can handle population growth and accommodating for people's needs through efficiency. Effectively discounts nutrient costs for population growth and sustainment.
-5 Agonizing famine!!! Population decreases by 25%!!!!
-4, Mass starvation! Population decreases by 15%!
-3, Near-zero population growth
-2, -20% growth rate
-1, -10% growth rate
0, Normal growth rate
1, +10% growth rate
2, +20% growth rate
3, +30% growth rate
4, +40% growth rate
5, +50% growth rate!
6, Population Boom!! +60 Growth rate!!!

Industry - Mineral production costs are related to this value. The higher the industrial value applies a percentage discount to your production of units and infrastructure.

-5, Mineral costs increased by 50%!!!
-4, Mineral costs increased by 40%!!
-3, Mineral costs increased by 30%
-2, Mineral costs increased by 20%
-1, Mineral costs increased by 10%
0, Normal production rate
1, Mineral costs decreased by 10%
2, Mineral costs decreased by 20%
3, Mineral costs decreased by 30%!
4, Mineral costs decreased by 40%!!
5, Mineral costs decreased by 50%!!!
5+, Mineral costs decreased by 50%!!!
Morale - How well trained and motivated your military forces are upon their creation and in general. Does not determine their equipment, solely their battle prowess as individuals. Higher morale equals better motivated and mentally prepared soldiers. Exceptions to the rule can apply for specific units.
-4, -3 Morale; + modifiers halved
-3, -2 Morale; + modifiers halved
-2, -1 Morale; + modifiers halved
-1, -1 Morale
0, Normal Morale
1, +1 Morale
2, +1 Morale (+2 on defense in base)
3, +2 Morale! (+3 on defense in base)
4, +3 Morale!!

Planet - The relationship you have with Planet, whether or not your society is harmful, disruptive or pollutive to Planet's environment and its creatures. Higher planet score increases the chances of healthier and more positive interactions with native life forms.

-4, Intentional ecocide! -40% off of native eco yields, hostility increased
-3, Wanton ecological disruption; -30% off of native eco yields
-2, Rampant ecological disruption; -20% off of native eco yields
-1, Increased ecological disruption; -10% off of native eco yields
0, Normal ecological tension
1, Ecological safeguards!; Increased chances of healthy interactions with native life
2, Ecological harmony!; Increased chance of native life positive encounters, +10% off of native eco yields
3, Ecological wisdom!!; Maximum chance of native life form encounters going positive, +20% off of native eco yields!
4, Ecological symbiosis!!!; Maximum chance of native life form encounters going positive, +25% off of native eco yields, bases have increased native life form growth.

Police - This determines how orderly your society is, and how prone it is to social unrest; and how well your society can manage social unrest. Also affects how many drones (malcontent citizens, basic workers and impoverished underclass people) are in your society.
-5, +20% extra drone population growth, constant crime and full on banditry.
-4, +10% drone population growth, crime is a daily fact of life.
-3, +5% drone population growth, crime happens often and touches most of society.
-2, Cannot use military units as police. No nerve stapling. Criminals have more leeway in society.
-1, One police unit allowed. No nerve stapling. Crimes happen more occasionally.
0, Can use one military unit as police. Relatively insignificant crime rates.
1, Can use up to 2 military units as police. Response time to crisis and crimes is competent!
2, Can use up to 3 military units as police! Society is relatively safe and orderly!
3, 3 units as police. Police effect doubled!! Society is in complete order and control with nigh zero crime!

Probe - This is how effective your espionage activities are, as well as your defense against elements of subterfuge. Probing actions often require energy credits in order to engage the necessary bribes and cloaking methods.
-3 -50 cost of enemy probe team actions; counter intelligence is nearly non-existent, non-aligned informants likely selling information to random bidders.
-2, -50% cost of enemy probe team actions; enemy success rate increased
-1, -25% cost of enemy probe team actions; enemy success rate increased
0, Normal security measures
1, +1 probe team morale; +50% cost of enemy probe team actions
2, +2 probe team morale; Doubles cost of enemy probe team actions!
3, +3 probe team morale; counter intelligence is a honed and ruthless force to be reckoned with! Units are incorruptible.

Research - How fast and efficient your research and laboratories are. This effects your RP (Research Point) generation per turn.
-5, Research output decreased by 50%
-4, Research output decreased by 40%
-3, Research output decreased by 30%
-2, Research output decreased by 20%
-1, Research output decreased by 10%
0, Normal research rate
+1, Research output increased by 10%
+2, Research output increased by 20%!
+3, Research output increased by 30%!!
+4, Research output increased by 40%!!!
+5, Research output increased by 50%!!!!

Support- This determines the cost of supplying your created units and expeditionary forces. Higher support means that costs are lessened, meaning you can support bigger armies, exploratory teams and new settlements easier without penalties.
-4, Each unit costs 20% more mineral cost to support; no free minerals for new base.
-3, Each unit costs 10% more mineral cost to support; no free minerals for new base.
-2, Support 1 unit free per base; no free minerals for new base.
-1, Support 1 unit free per base
0, Support 2 units free per base
1, Support 3 units free per base
2, Support 4 units free per base!
3, Support 4 units, double starting mineral resources for new base!
4, Support 5 units, double starting mineral resources for new base!

Technology follows a tree roughly similar to that of the original game, following the traditional tree- but players coming up with their own technologies and innovations is possible as well. The full tech tree is recorded down but generally speaking:

Everyone has the basics for life support and providing oxygen and creating basic power plants and other such things through fission reactions (and fossil fuels if found), and there is the basics of hydroponics and other technologies from Earth. However heavier infrastructure and things such as trains, larger ocean going vessels, space flight, the creation of vehicles of any sort and especially for the sake of being adapted to Planet's atmospheric and environmental conditions has to be researched from scratch.

A full list of the technology tree can be found here: for their base descriptions, but overall do note there will be some discrepancy for them.

When making your faction, they should come with a set of bonuses and disadvantages, and perhaps a preferred societal model and perhaps one they are repulsed by (but not necessary in every case) and maybe some benefits or disadvantages for using one.

For example, one faction may be "Robust" with Planned Economics meaning that it ignores the penalties of planned economics, but said faction may be averse to the social value of wealth and not being able to use it, with its preferred ideal being knowledge.

Factions can have more abstract bonuses too, such as "Starts with an additional cache of energy credit wealth" or "Has an increased rate of probe success in settlements with higher drone populations" and so forth.

And in finality, some factions may start with a technology, but do keep in mind that the higher tier/more advanced the tech, the more unlikely or some sort of penalty will be associated.
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Welcome! At some point, be sure to flesh out your application. The faction you make (or choose) is mostly just the concept needed, and then mechanically we'll figure that out after.
Faction Name: מושבת ציון החדש (Moshvat Tsion Ha-Chadash / Colony of New Zion)
New Zion is the common short name. Demonyms can include New Zionites or simply Israelis as the people of New Zion make up an Israeli contribution to the Starship Unity.

Faction Symbol:
As Israel's space colonization largely grew out of its air force, the use of the variant of the flag used in the air force has continued as the Zionite banner aboard Unity. To Zionites, it represents the carrying of the Zionist cause beyond the Earth's surface from the Promised Land to the Promised Heavens.

Faction Description:

Israel was part of the second wave of nations to participate in space colonization. Despite its late start, it quickly became a noted player in much of the solar system in the mid-21st century, known for its skilled space military and the web of security outposts it set up in joint mining and research operations with the United States. On the ground, Israel emerged as one of the dominant powers in an increasingly fractured Middle-East. While it successfully defended itself from wars with a number of insurgent and rebel groups in the collapsing former nations of Syria and Lebanon, as well as insurgencies from Palestinians unhappy with their annexation into the growing Israeli powerhouse, Israel did begin to experience many of the terrible conditions that other nations were undergoing in the mid-21st century. Desertification and environmental devastation struck at Israel's agricultural base and constant border conflict showed that the sense of security that many Israelis felt may have been illusory. Religious Jews, Christians, and Muslims all began to speak of an encroaching end times and that the struggles of Israel and the world (and the periodic ethnic and terrorist violence breaking out in the holy city and capital of Jerusalem itself) presaged the coming of a great destruction and perhaps even the messianic age.

It was here that a new movement in Zionism began: the Land of Israel was no longer the end goal of the Jewish people according to these radical thinkers. It was merely the new gathering place of the tribes of Israel before a new Sinai. The Law of Moses was to be renewed in the exodus of the Jewish people from this planet of their bondage to the World to Come. Here was Israel, home to some of the best soldiers, scientists, and religious scholars in the world, reborn as a nation-state just a century before the time of its true destiny: the journey to the stars. It must have been the Providence of God. Israel invested heavily in the construction of facilities to do its part in the international construction of the Starship Unity. The Knesset approved massive spending on research, mining, and manufacturing to do its part. While it could never compete with the contributions of the American and Chinese superpowers, it became a significant secondary nation in ensuring that human interstellar ascendancy would happen and Israelis would get a spot.

Back home for politicians in a time of crisis, this was of course a show of legitimacy. Practically, most people would not get to go on the ship but the fact that a significant number might went far towards a feeling of national security. A second Israel would be put out there somewhere and a new Zion would be built amidst the most distant diaspora. When the Unity launched, Israel was able to diplomatically wiggle in a disproportionate amount of citizens compared to other nations its size. Many of these gathered under the title of "Zionites," detached from simple Zionism because they were off to found a new nation, but still seeing themselves as successors to the movement. Zionites hoped to establish a gleaming city of New Zion. They brought with them a tabernacle built to the specifications in the Torah to be the spiritual center of the new Zionite nation.

Leader Name: אליהו כהן (Eliyahu Cohen; Elijah Cohen for the lame Anglicizing bunch)
Often just Eliyahu in private conversation. He likes to tout the prophetic name and be personable.

Gender: Male.

Character background:

Eliyahu was born in a small kibbutz in the Negev and moved to a factory town in his teens and worked with his parents in space part manufacturing. There, he became a fiery activist for workers' rights while also being a patriotic Israeli. He began going to meetings of the new Zionist movements looking to travel to the stars and became convinced that this project was his destiny and God-given purpose for the future of Israel. During his military service, he became a skilled space pilot and commander. He stayed with the military afterward as an organizer of resources and production. As the Unity spacecraft was being constructed, Eliyahu stood out as the leading Israeli representative of their national portion of the project. He met with world leaders and became a skilled diplomat and politician. By the time of the launch, he was publicly seen as Israel's natural space-age leader and while he never ran for office in the Knesset, a valid leader of a political Israel elsewhere. He was naturally chosen to head up the Israeli party on the Unity. His air force symbol became a symbol of Zionite identity and he was well-respected in the ship's command system by Zionites and others alike.

His skillsets are as follows:
-A familiarity with blue-collar work from his background in both agriculture on the kibbutz and work in the factories. As a former union activist, he is trusted by the working class and keen to their interests.
-As a military man, he is well-adapted to battlefield improvisation and tactics and is quite capable of personally leading.
-As a personifying symbol of the Zionite movement and something of a Moses figure to his fellow travelers, he enjoys a certain level of ethno-religious culture hero status and thus commands respect from Zionites.

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After thorough review; I can state that I've quite enjoyed reading this application.


Your faction card will be handed out to you once I have processed applications and detailed the mechanical system.


Faction name: Varuna's Wayfinders
Faction capital: Navavijaya or 'New Victory'
Faction symbol: Droplet of water, half black and half blue, enclosed in a circle made of outstretched hands colored red, imposed on white background.
Faction Description: Faction made up of former refugees, migrant workers, and asylum seekers from the world over, but especially the Indian Ocean region, from the Swahili Coast to the Philippines, as well as numerous aid workers and other stranded peacekeeping agents that followed them. Destructive wars struck this region over limited water resources, particularly in the Horn of Africa, the Nile Basin, and Indus Valley, while climate change and desertification threatened famine and powerful monsoons. Despite token relief efforts the inhabitants largely came to see themselves as abandoned by the rest of the world, which was evidently not doing all that much better, and as the years drew closer to the Unity mission, the desperate masses of the world clamored for a spot. Where desperation may often lead to ruthless violence, fortunately, that was not the case here and instead, it led to cooperation: these disparate nations and ideologies came to be unified under the charismatic voice of Zeyda, widowed Indonesian refugee and doctor gone UN disaster relief officer. She was able to mediate all sides into a tenuous alliance that, through enormous effort including underhanded dealings and some more questionable actions, was basically able to crowdfund a spot on the Unity starship destined for Alpha Centauri, helped by the fact they represented so many countries.

Over the years while working towards the end goal of getting onto the Unity, Zeyda and her followers also endeavored to improve their own livelihoods as well as to defend themselves against less scrupulous factions taking advantage of the power vacuum in the midst of this new world of failed states. Skills and knowledge were exchanged and the people turned to seasteading to make a living on the flooded coastlines, while more durable ships constructed that could weather the monsoons ensured a tenuous monopoly over limited fishing bounty that Zeyda sold off at a premium to enrich herself and her people. Former UN peacekeepers trained capable fighters among the refugees and enabled them to fight back against feuding warlords and uncaring PMCs.

This survival strategy would not end once they had boarded the Unity, and indeed Zeyda attempted to expand her union by seeking members from among the rest of the crew. As Garland's assassination following the reactor crisis provoked chaos on the Unity, Zeyda and her group were once again in their element, coming together even more tightly than ever as they negotiated and often fought their way for a spot on the drop pods making their way to the surface - in the meantime adopting many stranded crew that had been cut off from their group. Thus they arrive at last on Chiron, but while the hardest part of this journey may be over with, a new set of challenges present themselves that will test the strength of Zeyda's talents and the willpower of her followers.

While preferring peace to war, the Wayfinders have been forced by circumstance to create a well-armed and militarized society, and fight with unsurpassed tenacity in self-defense, though they are uninterested in conquest and generally prefer to be left to their own devices (but may be willing to take refugees and migrants). The economy is quite decentralized and focused on mutually supportive communes, geared towards adaptability and to be able to quickly provide aid to any one of the communities that may be struggling, with the help of an oversight body lead by Zeyda herself, spearheaded by her own talents in organization. In times of war or other emergency, more centralization may occur on a temporary, case-by-case basis. Ideologically, the Wayfinders are pragmatic and practical folk, and may prefer to cooperate with Planet or industrialize as it suits them. In general, the people are excited by the prospect of a new life on Planet, and hope for an existence free of endless war, pollution, and famine, and eager to explore this new world. Now however that the so-called light at the end of the tunnel has finally been reached, some wonder if Zeyda's authority may begin to erode...

Ingame bonuses:
(I doubt this does anything in the BoP but I thought it'd be a decent way to summarize how I think this faction works in fewer words.)
Aquatic faction! First drop pod should start in the water.
Start with Doctrine: Flexibility (they had really good boats on earth so I figure the expertise might carry over somewhat)
Free children's creche every base?
+2 morale: Determined fighters, almost everyone is armed
+1 efficiency: Decentralized but adaptive economy built on reciprocity
-2 support: Decentralized logistics, military mostly organized around militias
-1 police: Intolerant of use of force to maintain control, seek to cooperate through common interest


Leader Name: Zeyda

Gender: Female

Background: Doctor, UN disaster relief officer, refugee, widow
3 prominent skills: medicine, planning+organizing, charisma


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To Pixel-

Approved, Zeyda and the Wayfinders are a welcome addition to Planet.

To BlackTide-

Also welcome to play as the University! Approved.


Lady Deidre - Gaians

Leader Gender: Female
Leader Background:
Born 2025, Edinburgh Scotland, father a U.N. security consultant assigned to various crisis locales worldwide. Studied at Cornell University School of Agriculture, acquired Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Environmental Biology, Masters in Biology, Ph.D. Biology and Genetics. Immediately distinguished self with deep intuitive knowledge of plant strains and ability to intuit powerful genetic manipulations at Bionex Research Lab, White Plains, N.Y.
Later worked for Red Cross and United Nations Disaster Relief Fund to revitalize radiation contaminated areas with highly specialized biostrains (Skye variation v097 apple and Skye Mark IV wheat strain considered as highest examples of adaptable biogenetics in contaminated soil). Selected as top candidate for Mission Botanist/Xenobiologist by U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission Committee, appointed against wishes of Chief Science Officer Prokhor Zakharov.
Relies on deep intuitive sense combined with scientific knowledge for determination of future actions. Powerful mind and will combined with broad base of knowledge leads her to excel in chosen area of expertise. Sense of isolation from childhood events (e.g. divorce of parents) and prelaunch events reinforces strong tendency to introversion. Strong connection to environmental causes may cloud scientific judgment; strong democratic leadership style may result in subject placing welfare of loyal subordinates above welfare of mission as a whole. Appeals to reason should prove effective in discouraging these behaviors.


Section Moderator
Brother Lal of the Peacekeepers signing up!

Leader Gender: Male
Leader Background:
Born 2006, Rajkot India. Degree in Philosophy and Medicine, Oxford University. Trained in Thoracic Surgery. Achieved international acclaim for selfless devotion to victims of radiation poisoning following the Twelve Minute War and the India Border Conflict. Served as member of research team investigating genes that encode proteins aiding with DNA repair, University of Basel, Switzerland. Later appointed Assistant Director, World Health Organization. Top candidate for Chief of Surgery, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission, as assessed by the United Nations Space Authority.
Seeks to de-escalate conflict and create harmonious environments. Dedication to ideals of U.N. mission unquestioned, loyalty superb. Able to perform well under extreme pressure; score .87 on Atherholt Trauma Function Test (recovery score moderate). Deep connection to loved ones possibly exploitable by Adversary.

Delora Filth

Do you want to run this ship?
Fine. I'll apply on this digital piece of AIDS too then. I'll make my own faction. It'll be really gay.
Faction name: Neues Kaisertum Österreich (Kaisertum, The Habsburgs, Dynasty for shorthand; pick whichever you prefer!)

Faction symbol:

Faction Description: Autocratic/Paternal Regime centered around a Monarch of the house of Habsburg. It is made up of leftover aristrocrats, wealthy land and business owners and other individuals often thought of as 'gentry' in years past, or more succinctly those who are well connected. Ranging from software developers into concepts such as AI research, robotics and new age weaponry these individuals have coupled and attached themselves with well known bankers, financiers and other like minded, well off individuals. The remainder of the faction is made up of individuals looking for a strong, unifying figure who will see to their needs for them, harking back to the days long past and gone in today's world, focused on tradition, ceremony and the concepts of a central authority. The harsh reality of an Earth that is slowly dying beginning to dawn on the Royal House, it came time to hedge their bets and send members of the Royal Household into a place far, far away from chaos that had become Earth. Using up a vast majority of their favors, well established connections by marriage, relations or merely business networking the House of Habsburg managed to get itself a solidified slot for the next generation of their Royalty.

Leader Name: Maximilian II von Habsburg (Descendant of Franz Karl von Habsburg, father of Franz Joseph I)

Gender: Male

Background: Maximilian II von Habsburg was born into a chaotic and tumultuous world. His royal house, while wealthy in connections and material wealth, was theoretically bankrupt of politically power. No longer had the house of Habsburg reigned supreme in it's home of Austria, let alone any of the vast stretches of land it used to hold sway over. In the ever shrinking, slowly dying reality of the modern world he witnessed first hand the harsh reality of a morally grey and traditionally bankrupt society. His education was done from a ripe age of 10, and was done by well educated (and certainly well paid) tutors, scholars and other individuals teaching him the finer points of history, mathematics, sciences and philosophy. He studied at the Theresian Military Academy, earning top honors and grading at the top of his class. Whether this had more to do with his noble lineage or his prowess is, to some extent, debatable. Never the less, his service to his nation on behalf of the UN in the regions of Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary were not without their own merit.

However, as time progressed it became clear that the planet itself had reached the point of no return. No amount of peacekeeping, meritorious service or donations to various charities and institutes in the pursuit of attempting to find an end to the maddening apocalyptic conditions soon to befall the planet Earth would save it. It's time, though long and illustrious, was over. Due to being the most apt for the job, Maximilian II and his wife, along with other individuals key to the 'movement' as they began to call it were put on board the Unity mission. However it can be said that out of all of them, the most important to this 'movement' was Maximilian II himself, having being given a trump card which almost assuredly was felt by the Habsburg coffers: a neural implant; this implant had been commissioned (and those with knowledge relating to it were also shunted aboard the Unity itself) to emulate the personality matrix of Franz Joseph I von Habsburg, widely agreed to be one of the foremost, if not the longest ruling Habsburg Kaisers. This AI would prove useful to Maximilian II in many situations, but would later find itself right at home in assisting the governing of a state.

After the assassination of Captain Garland after the reactor crisis of the Unity ship allowed Maximilian II the pretext he required to begin the initial phases of gathering followers to his cause. Through shrewd rhetoric of the 'barbaric individuals' who killed Garland, to his connections and natural charisma, he was able to gather a sizable following.

After landing they were quick to setup outposts, train staff and build a colony with interfacing directly to Maximilian II's implant. This allowed both himself and his 'Grandfather' program to streamline orders, disseminate information and run diagnostics on various parts of the colony itself.




Well Connected

As a Faction:

- Centralized Leadership under a Monarch.

- Well trained, provided for Military caste who serve the Dynasty(Monarch), rather than the 'state' itself.

- More traditional Economy enhanced by the efficiency of it's ever watching, ever diligent AI.

- Heavy pursuit of technological innovations in the fields of AI, robotics, and military applications to further serve the state.

(Updated Short form and gave leader a new name, Karl Franz was a placeholder)
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@JudgeAlfred , Approved! The name is a complete meme as stated in voice chat but like; I'm not gonna disallow it. I do encourage to change it. Maybe Otto might be a good alternative.
@Draorn Approved! Welcome sister!
@MaHuD Approved! Welcome commissioner!

As for the rest of you, write up your factions and then I'll consider you.
How bout this:

Faction name: The Hajduks
Faction symbol:

Faction description: The Hajduks are a collection of paramilitary bands, led by local warlords in a feudal system where these "Vojvodes" or chieftains have considerable autonomy but still answer to the central authority of the "Vožd", or Leader. Although practicing animal herding (in particular pigs) and mining, their primary source of income is armed robbery. Theirs is a rural and very traditional society, which emphasises religious and family values; the band of each chieftain is further divided into several clans on family basis, with traditional gender roles.

Taking their name from the Balkan guerrillas and bandits which fought the Ottoman Empire for centuries, the Hajduks mostly appeal to traditionalists who try to hold on to older religious values, as well as to generally violent people who are open to adopt such values if it means entry into the strongest local bandit bands. Although the old Hajduks are surrounded by a romanticized mythology akin to the Robin Hood legends, the new ones are rather pragmatic in several regards and gave up on limiting their recruitment to Slavic people almost immediately.

Most of the Hajduks' military strength comes from the armed militias of the Vojvodes, who are lightly armed and poorly disciplined, and the mobile units directly under control of the Vožd, called "Shock" units. Apart from raiding, the militias are primarily a defensive force.

Leader name: Veljko Nedić
Leader gender: Male
Leader background: A Serbian politician and former paramilitary, Nedić exploited his connections to the leadership of the Russian state to get a place on board the Unity; before entering Serbian politics on an overt Pan-Slavic platform, he had served alongside Russian troops with a self-styled "Chetnik" militia in one of Russia's proxy wars on the Black Sea coast. Expoiting his military connections, and playing on deep-rooted distrust and fears for foreign agendas among the Russian leadership and clergy, he managed to establish himself as their best candidate to protect Slavic Orthodox interests in a leadership position in the future colony. Although no longer a superpower, Russia was still influential enough to get a considerable amount of Russians and South Slavs on board the Unity, among them several of Nedić' old paramilitary comrades, who would go on to form the bulk of de Vojvodas later on.

Nedić' commanding presence was a key factor in attracting non-Slavs to his group, exploiting the confusion and distrust to come to the foreground. He has styled himsef "Vožd" of the Dinara Army after the legendary leader of the great Serbian revolt of 1804 and the founder of the Karađorđević dynasty, Karađorđe. Although aware that most people joining the Hajduks feel no connection to the Balkan traditions, he used these as well as a shared religiosity to forge a seperate identity that suits the violent approach to building a faction.
Leader skills:
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@Captured Joe The question here is what got this fellow onto the Unity, and what got him a following amongst an international crew. There's definitely been some very ethnically focused factions in this BoP (Space Kibbutz and Habsburgs, looking at you folks-) but the main things they got going for them is mostly that there's an appeal on an international stage for them.

New Zion appeals to people of Abrahamic faith and folks who want a well structured, supportive sense of community.
There's also a fair bit they put in that deals with how they confronted the Fall of Earth and what made them valuable upon the Unity mission, which was mainly a good degree of experience that'd likely land Eliyahu on the security council. They also are from an established nation state in this case with good funding and experience in dealing with tons of dangerous problems.

As for the Neues Kaisertum Österreich (which arguably needs a bit of a shorter contextual name I'd say as a faction, but I'll post a guide soon enough.) they got wealthy connections largely+ a huge amount of focus on AI research and the like that gives them the necessary blade edge so to speak to get on the unity mission. Appeal wise its a society for aristocrats and the wealthy for the most part, for the wealthy.

So far I am gathering: an ethnically pan slavic (mostly south slav) movement that has the backings of religious leaders (of their region I reckon) who are largely of a terrorist/insurgent/warlord nature, harkening back to Chetniks and various other militant groups throughout Balkan history. I get the historical implications and cultural standpoint; but what brings the Dinara Army into the future? What is the element they bring onto the table for the Unity? What did Vuk Nedić bring to the table in terms of making him a valuable asset on the starship Unity?

Eliyahu has a wealth of experience with blue collar organization and workplace experience, military experience and a good level involvement with the international scene and government.

Karl Franz von Habsburg (And the issue of his name being a meme has been brought up) is highly educated and quite invested into AI research and his family lineage gives a huge amount of international connection and a diaspora of wealth at his command.

That's the main things I wish to address in your case. The initial idea of a guerrilla type movement of some sort, a pan slavic movement definitely can work but it just needs... something more to bring it to the table if you get me. An ideology and premise future wise for people of various ethnic backgrounds and origins to be attracted to. The Hapsburg has their AI and social connections worldwide with a very organized AI backed social system. New Zion its raw experience with environmental and warfare related policies with the ideals of a support driven Kibbutz.

What does the Dinara army have in this case? Why would the UN cater to what are apparently ethnic warlords?
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Faction name: Free Society For Hope aka FSFH

Faction flag:

Faction Description: The FSFH is an open society that aims to help humans in need no matter their beliefs or nationality. In order to do so, the FSFH has invested much in their scientific and medical department. Not to talk about the money spent on studying the human being as a all, its nature, its creativity, its mind, body and soul.
The FSFH is really open to migrants from other groups and it is always ready to help other humans in need.
The FSFH works similarly to a really decentralized federation, yet the esteem that all of its members feel for the founder of the Society is unquestionable. Therefore Caesar ends up having the last word on every project. The FSFH is divided in different branches that are focused on different jobs. There is the Research, the Medical, the Technology, the Working and the Military branch. Every branch is divided in different groups with specific mansions and with their own representatives. The representatives of the different branches and groups of the FSFH are elected by the other members of their respective group or branch. The representatives are equal to their fellow members and their role as leaders brings only new responsibilities. They have no priviliges, no better wages,.... The Military branch is mainly composed of volounteers from other branches that are employed as soldiers or policemen only in case of need. They have had a minimum training, they are not professional soldiers or law-enforcers and they mostly have no real experience when it comes to war or hunting. Only a small part of this branch has the experience and expertise required to be considered a true soldier or policeman. This is the real core of the Military branch and members from this group are all full time soldiers/law enforcers that are employed in dangerous or turbolent areas. Some of them are also in charge of the training of the FSFH's recruits.
The Society doesn't believe that violence against other human beings can solve humanity's problems. Nevertheless, most its members are ready to kill and die while defending themselves and others from external threats, no matter their nature. Some, though, would rather die than hurt another human being or even a single animal. The FSFH is also more than unwilling to enforce peace, stability or directives with violent approaches. That's why the FSFH has always spent a lot of its resources to develop advanced non-lethal weaponry.
The FSFH doesn't hide its distaste for the development of sentient A. I.s, cybernetics, weapons of mass destruction or other technological innovation whose ethicality is extremely debatable. The FSFH see technology as a means to improve the human well-being, but certain borders can't be crossed. Moreover, the FSFH has spent most of the money destined to its Technology branch to develop new and better ways of employing renewable sources of energy.

Leader Name: Caesar Lupi

Gender: Male

Age: 30


Background: Caesar was the only son of the head of a noble Italian family that owned many oil companies that controlled oil pumps all over Northern Africa. He studied Psychology and History in the most renowned universities in the world. He wasn't a diligent or skilled student though. He loved spending most of his time drinking and partying with his "friends". Most of his "friends" saw him for nothing more than a bag filled with money, something to exploit. When he was 21, during a family trip in Northern Africa, he and his parents fell in a rebel ambush. His parents were executed on the spot, whereas he was spared. The local terrorist cell that kidnapped him asked for no ransom and noone seemed to really care for his fate. His captors were fighting against the opulent hand that was stealing all the resources that rightfully belonged to them, the inhabitants of that country. The terrorists decided not to kill Caesar, not out of pity or mercy. They made him one of the many slaves present in their camps. They wanted him to prove what living under the yoke of a foreign oppressor really meant. They wanted him to feel how empty and miserable is the life of a slave, a mindless and insignificant gear in a totalitarian economic system. Noone knows the hardship and the emotional struggle he had to bare. The suffering he had been through. In that camp, the once joyful and carefree Caesar became the stoic and introvert man he is today. To survive such hell he had to learn fast. He learnt how to cope with all the adversities he had to face everyday. He learnt how to handle the heat, the recurrent lack of food and water, the punishment he received and much, much more. Yet, most importantly, he finally learnt how to deeply understand the human psyche, its motives, its reflexes, its desires, and he now knew how to manipulate them, how to bend them to his will. He also became an inspiring figure for his fellow slaves, he became a true born leader. Always ready to complete the most difficult and risky tasks. Always ready to share his meal with those weaker than him, with the sick and helpless. After 3 harsh years of captivity, he managed to escape from his camp alongside most of his fellow captives. The journey home was long and unforgiving, but his determination lead him home....alive, unlike most of those who left with him. Once home he saw his world with new eyes. He couldn't help but feel betrayed by the "friends" who had forgotten him, who had left him to die, who had not mived a finger for him. He couldn't lead his family business with a guilt free conscience, he couldn't be the ruthless businessman his father wanted him to be. The experience Caesar had to endure lead him to use all the money he received from his inheritance to found the Free Society for Hope. He did that in order to create a brighter future for all humans on their new home. A future he is more than willing to die for. A goal that can't be corrupted or stopped. He was invited to embark on the Unity to serve as one of the heads of the Human Resource section, considered is vast expertise in Psychology and his skills.


- Emotional stoicism and environmental adaptability;
- Master manipulator and a charismatic leader;
- He is always ready to sacrifice himself for what he thinks is right, for his goals and ideals.


- Idealistic, stubborn in his pursuit of his goals;
- Introvert, closed, not many can claim to be his true friends, he is insecure when it comes to trusting others as friends.
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