Allow the same piece of equipment to fill combat and noncombat slots.

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Rand Denner

As it stands now, you have to fully equip your character twice over. Once for combat and once for non-combat. Even if all the equipped items can be equipped in both modes. Armor, weapons AND mounts/tack.

If a slot is empty in one mode and an item is equipped in the other, and the item is capable of being used in both modes, then the game should default equip the same item in the other mode without needing a second copy.
It should probably show the default equipped item in the slot, but pixellated or grayed out or something so the player can see them at a glance.
And if the player overrides a default by placing something else, well that's their prerogative.

But I shouldn't have to buy two of everything because I HAVE to change off the battlefield due to the weird equip screen.


Sergeant at Arms
Yes I agree with this, should be able to have the same equipment for both civilian and combat gear. I mean it makes sense right?
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