Allow duo stacking for Ranked Skirmish and Captain

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In such a small community having big groups of 3 or more people totally ruins the balance of the game, but a party of 2 people isn't so bad or impactful. I fell in love with this game's multiplayer because I got to play with 1 or 2 friends every night while talking on discord and laughing with them. Now I am forced to play alone or never get a game. I agree with the community that stacking is bad for the game balance, but at the same time the game must offer the playerbase a chance to play with their friends.

I agree with the community that 3 or more people in a party is bad for the ranked system, but 2 players is completely balanced and fair. That's the best thing to be done so we give people a chance to play with their friends and not break the balance of the games.

Ever since the patch 1.7.2 came I can't get a game in a party of 2 and I'm forced for play alone. This hurts the playerbase.
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