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I am proposing here for a feature that I feel would change a great deal about the modding of new custom kingdoms as well as improving the effect of a total conversion mods that override the base game.

Currently the game only really allows for Kingdoms to be at Peace or at War which is the same with Warband. This to an extent makes it hard to keep factions from warring with each other. For an example if I was to make a mod about WW2 and I made the Britain one kingdom and France another and pitted them against Germany currently there is nothing to restrain the France kingdom or indeed the Britain kingdom from turning around and going to war with each other while still battling the Germany kingdom. Adding a feature to have alliances that are breakable by the player but also can be made (By a marriage alliance for one example), this would make not only the base game more strategical but also more interesting.

Picking an example from the base game. During the Quest to reunify the Empire of Calradia there is a particular quest where nearly all the other nations fight you, now of course this can be circumnavigated slightly by brokering peace with certain groups until you beat the others. But again the issue is that although at that moment they are all united by the common goal to destroy the newly re-established empire, they will still attack each other. This is where the alliance feature would come into play. These factions could be placed in an alliance at the time of this quest, of course you should still be able to negotiate each faction out of the war individually so that the player doesn't get completely swamped but the price of this peace would be increased as you talk to each faction as they would leave the alliance to be at peace. This feature could also be used to allow the player to form an alliance with any of these nations after they make peace so they have a temporary ally in the fight.

With regards modding it would allow for the creation of more in-depth factions. So a Kingdom could be used to define a region of a much larger faction. In a game play sense this would allow the player to potentially engage a particular part of a larger kingdom without having to fight the whole group.

With regards other points of interest:
- Trading prices would be reduced across these factions
- The factions would be able to reinforce each others garrisons
- If you join an alliance with a player kingdom you get a boost to your relationship with the kingdoms and their lords, and vice versa when you leave.

Of course the limit of this feature is truly only what constraints we have within the current game but I do sincerely hope this is discussed as a potential feature not just for myself but for many other modders who are working with factions within factions.
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I agree with what you said. Although it is unlikely that we will use such active content in the Sword & Musket project, I think it will still contribute quite well to Bannerlord and Total Overhaul Mod Communities that have mod projects related to Bannerlord. Strategic alliances may be possible, such as Royal Marriages, Lord Marriages, in short, merging Dynasties.

The only other issue is that since the game's trading system works a little differently, we can make it possible with some sort of option between alliances, such as Devulation (devaluation of the currency), where prices are given directly in the Senate. As the alliances option, this style and as you said, garrison reinforcement, options such as trading with the alliance will give good support to the kingdoms.
Note: Determining the economic system with money options such as Gold, Copper, Silver, which is at the market level, and options such as exchange rate increases/decreases in case of war between them may add some color.
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