[All Versions] Battering Ram, The Gate and units behavior (+ Ladders idea)

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Hello !

So, I assume, that many could noticed a fact, that if you crack a main gate, your delegated to AI units pretty much proceed to:

A) Go to ladders
B) Go to Siege Towers
C) Go to both ladders and Siege towers.

some of dudes ofc go and try to break it with their swords and axes and other toys they have. Besides a fact I get that ladders still can be wonky, so in 500vs500 it may put the FPS down due CPU getting hammered, with so many boiz trying to do Cardio on ladder, it accumulates sometimes to a level of stutter causing you to rather stay and have a drink, while watching powerpoint show of cool shots of bannerlord. on 12 threaded CPU, btw, I love a fact this game is multicore aware so much. You going to make some CPU sellers to make money on me soon ROFL.

When I lead armies, its not an issue, as I can simply put Ram squad boiz on F1-F2 and proceed to break a secondary gate, until some of my "i did it" wall climbing gang went down to gates, opened it, while getting slaughtered, and could F1-F3 to start breaking defenders at the gate.

Micro in issuing orders when you lead a party is pretty good workaround to AI weird behavior, and fun addition, but AI on its own dont help here. it actually looks kinda amusing, when you see gate being blast open, and they like scatter on both sides and proceed to join the cluster of their mates trying to get to a ladder, or siege tower, or both, while getting peppered from battlements.

I wonder if there is possible incoming fix for that particular unit behavior, so they proceed to move inside (still in shield wall could be cool) and some of highest tier units could start breaking the secondary gate (due damage). It does feel, like now AI thinks that it will be quicker to get on a ladder, slay anything on walls on the way to main gate to open it, while being stabbed from defending shield wall :razz:

Also, as of ladders, Ive noticed that it works on a way, you just need to step on it so units start to climb it, but often they also rush on it like angry mob, so they push themselves from that short window to engage climbing, If this may be not possible to fix due engine physics mechanics and collision models/path-finding/whatever issue lays in, maybe it can be changed to a object requiring action, like catapults, siege equipment... so you know, you go to ladder, hit [F] and you start climb, give it wider angle to be engaged, and maybe NPCs will be more effective at using it? also, Ramp Siege Towers can have pretty nasty collision at its base, and some units stuck too. I also noticed, that in some settlements, AI can be smarter, so I will try in future to note which exactly settlements are the worst ones, at what wall level, and drop more of feedback. generally, level 2 and level 3 walls appears to give AI bigger problem than level 1, on level 3 they often get confused what to do and run like headless chicken or stay in one place.

I hope that this may be helpful in future bug-fixing :smile: Great job so far, I enjoy it a lot :smile:
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