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Hey, I realized this after I noticed my town never changes prosperity.

All surrounding villages are rich/very rich.

It also says they are afflicted by bandits, but literally no bandits near the town, or on the rout to their trade cities.

I went around and looked at all other town's wealth and they were all wretchedly poor and miserable, I didn't find one that was average, sorry if this has already been reported
Takeda Shingen said:
Articulo34 said:
I have a question for you guys. Have you ever seen in L´Aigle caravans beside the one that spawns for the guild master´s quest?

I did tons of times, don't tell me you didn't  :shock: ?
Not a single one. And I´ve been fighting the Prussians in mainland Europe for at least 200 in-game days. Been pillaging their villages, killing their population, destroying their armies...yet not a single caravan either theirs, ours or anyone else´s.

And this game is pure 1.1 patch. Began anew when it was released.
I've seen caravans, but they are few and far between, I started a new game this morning and I'm around day 120 and the only caravans I've seen are ones that stay within the UK mainland itself and even then I see maybe one or two every twelve days or so. Other than British Caravans I've yet to see one from any other faction.
Edit - I spend most of my time in central France raiding villages and attacking small armies and oddly enough France is at peace with everyone so I'd expect trade to at least attempt to flourish but yea so far it seems pigs are more likely to fly than me seeing a caravan within central europe.
I've never actually seen any in France or Mainland UK. In fact, the only country I've seen with caravans is Austria. I'm sure we'll be seeing more as the mod is updated more and more.
That could very well be the case, great work with the mod Doc, most fun I've had in ages. I owe ya a drink for this :grin:
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