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All Specific Quests with Tips

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Hi everyone,
I've been playing Brytenwalda for years and years. And whenever I try another mod, after some time I find myself playing Brytenwalda again :wink:
I tried different adventures: I conquered all Britannia and Hibernia as a king, I served as a lord, I wandered all country wihout purposes.
I think the point which all the players of Brytenwalda love this game so much is its historical accuracy and the struggle in the first stages of the game.
I like history and because of this game for years I've been searching Dark Age History of England  :smile:
Because I do not want this game to be forgotten and outdated, I want to help the players to find and finish all the specific quests.

Here they are:

Conchobor quest:
1.Talk to Conchobor in a random place
2.Go to Cantwaraburh
3.Talk to Owain map Mordred in the hall
4.Find and talk to Conchobor
5.If you take money he offers, you lose reputation
6.If you don't, you gain reputation

Neko quest:
1.Go to Cirren Ceaster
2.Talk to Cerdic
3.Talk to Neko
4.Kill Neko's party
5.Talk to Cerdic
6.You gain money

Rare Ruins quest:
1.Kill them all in the Rare Ruins
2.You gain some weapons and armors including King Shield

Virio's Falcata quest:
1.Talk to Old Roman at Hadrian Wall
2.Conquer Lundenwic
3.Talk to Old Roman
4.You gain a sword called Virio's Falcata

Llan Forfael Elder quest:
1.Visit Town Port in Caer Ligualid
2.Talk to Sea Raider Captain
3.Go to Llan Forfael
4.Talk to Village Elder, Pyr the Elder
5.Bring 3 Salt
6.Kill North Bandits
7.Persuade the Lord to get taxes lower
8.After each task talk to Pyr the Elder
9.You gain money

Sacred Grove quest:
1.Kill Old Hero at Sacred Grove
2.You gain a helmet

Inau Horn quest:
1.Talk to Ri Rhoedd map Rhun
2.Kill the Inau army
3.Go to the Cave in the north
4.Kill them all in the Cave
5.You gain some weapons and armors including a knife called Ornate Seax, an axe called My Wife and a horn called Inau Horn
5.Give Inau horn to Ri Rhoedd map Rhun
6.You gain money

Vulgata Bible quest:
1.Talk to Ulcagnus in the tavern of Caer Ligualid
2.Kill the Arians except Icorigas near Ynys Manaw
3.Talk to Ulcagnus
4.You gain a book

Painted Body quest:
1.Talk to Ri Gartnait map Gwid
2.You gain a painted body

Cado quest:
1.Talk to Cado in the tavern of Caer Uisc
2.You can fight with his 400 men or you can hire 6 warriors for 12.000 scillingas.

Hrunting quest:
1.Talk to Great Bard Aneirin in the hall of Din Eidyn
2.Talk to Hermit Derfel Gadarn in the hall of Din Arth
3.Talk to Guledic Geraint map Erbin in the hall of Din Tagell
4.Talk to Abbot Constantine map Riderch in the hall of Ard Breacain
5.Give him 500 coins
6.Talk to Drythen Eadfrith Cearling in the hall of Caer Maunguid
7.Don't pay him and kill his all party
8.Talk to Great Bard Afan Ferddig in the hall of Din Gonwy
9.He asks a riddle of which answer is "Lot and the Family"
9.Talk to Great Bard Aneirin in the hall of Din Eidyn
10.You gain a sword called Hrunting

Gae Bolga quest:
1.Talk to Tiarna Falechu mac Airmetach
2.Talk to Ecne Cellach in the shop building near the guild master of Duin Foither (you must have at least 400 renown)
3.Answer her questions: Scathach, Setanta, Forgall, Connla
4.You gain a thrown spear called Gae Bolga

Ancient Stones quest:
1.Go to the Ancient Stones
2.Talk to Druid in the stone circle
3.If you donate money, you get 3 reputation
4.If you don't, you gain nothing

And here not specifically quests but non-standart conversations:

Guildmaster of Bebbanburg:
1.Talk to the Guildmaster in Bebbanburg
2.He tells you the story of the city
3.You gain nothing

Guildmaster of Lundenwic:
1.Talk to the Guildmaster in Lundenwic
2.He tells you the story of the city
3.You gain nothing

Brytenwalda Oswald:
1.Talk to Brytenwalda Oswald
2.He tells you his story
3.You gain nothing

Aetheling Eormenred Eadbalding:
1.Talk to Aetheling Eormenred Eadbalding
2.He tells you a story about Picts
3.You gain nothing

Cyning Penda:
1.Talk to Cyning Penda
2.He tells you his story
3.You gain nothing

Drythen Cundwalh Coenwalhing:
1.Talk to Drythen Cundwalh Coenwalhing
2.He tells you about the war tactics
3.You gain nothing
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