All Quiet On The Bannerlord Front

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All back to Warband, where servers work well, turncaps are not broken, sky is low-res blue and you can run around naked poking people with a stick.


Sergeant at Arms
Bannerlord: 50 days without patch.
Player base: Slowly losing interest.

Taleworlds: I am about to end this game's whole multiplayer career.


Yeah... That's a consequence of forum toxicity and nothing else...

Seriously, guys. I don't know if you can see it, but I believe that the single player will have the same result if more and more suggestions from us continue to be ignored or left for "soon". Everyone here is waiting until the last second for Bannerlord to have a grandiose final version, but this has not only been slow, it has also been off the expectations about "major" updates.


We: when will the new patch be released?
TW: soon
We: When will you fix this bug?
TW: it is fixed, we are doing some final tests.
We: xxxxxxxx?
TW: soon... it is done..... we are doing some final tests....

------After 10 months------
We: when will you release the new patch and the bug?
TW: We will release it once it is finished.
TW: "Oh, don't worry. The full release will bring the game back to life. No need to fix issues or overhaul the game modes or their mechanics."
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