(All) Hegemony music: Nick Wylie composer for Hegemony series.

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I honestly love the whole mix going on between the different regions and different scales. You have Greek elements and some Syrian stuff in their too. This is amazing. Thank you Nick for being a part of what is to become the best M&B mod out there.


Hey Nick,
Me and my friends were talking about mount and blade, then about the best mods, then about the best mod music. Guess who's name came up? After a while of trying to recall your last name, we decided you were 'that nick dude who composed the music for Hegemony:Timeless Kingdoms'.

If only your surname was as memorable as your music :wink:

You are truly talented, thanks for sharing your gift with us.


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I have been listening to his soundtracks and music made for this,also a battle music from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTm0E4h7ehI and it's really great! A very talented guy he is...but don't mind i "relived"the old topic as this one,i just wanted to ask(cause i'm so considered about Warband port music for Heg.268.B.C): will his music be same in Warband version of Hegemony 268.B.C.?

Thank you Nick. :wink:


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SPQR said:
That is good stuff. :smile:

Thanks for sharing.
:wink:  :lol:

So,probably you know,cause you're the part of e's team...this whole music gonna be in Warband version of Hegemony 268.B.C?

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