All dark skinned persons have been wiped from the game after around 100 years.

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Yeah, of course, if there are 1 person in 100 million who looks different, that must be the norm. Amazing logic.
Hey chill out, I was just pointing out it's possible, but I agree it's not the norm, and it would be better if he had dark coloured eyes.

Anyway, scrolling through the nobles in a new campaign I found Ashisa, Darim, Dhiyul, Ghuzid, Haqr, Shaima, Tahya, and Wahan to all have quite dark skin tones. While that very dark skin tone is indeed much less common in Aserai lands than mid-brown, this makes sense as Bannerlord represents a geographical area north of the Sahara, an area where mid-brown skin tones were and are much more common than dark-brown.

For comparison, here's a crowd of people protesting in Rabat, Morocco:



And some late Egyptian funerary portraits:

I agree with Blood Gryphon that children should either have a blended skin tone of the parent, or randomly chosen skin between the two, so skin tones don't average out to a global "mediterranean" tone so quickly within the second or third gen.

It would also be nice one day to have an expansion south of the Sahara (called "Nahasa" in Bannerlord's lore) with kingdoms like Mali and Great Zimbabwe.
As other have pointed out, it looks like you're just "unlucky" with your campaign. Children take the look of their fathers and the personalities of their mothers, so what probably happened is that men from other faction married into Aserai and caused this thanks to the ratio. It has little to do with Aserai dying last because lords die or defect to other factions reasonably often in this game. I have seen newly generated black NPCs during my executioner playthrough, so racial cleansing is definitely not hard coded into the game.

Still tho, it's 100 years. It's pretty much a non-issue because most people won't play that long.
Nobody plays over 100 years, and nothing is "messed up" with what happens through simple results of math at a time span that's not intended to be representative of a normal play-through.

It's like saying you played Hearts of Iron series with a mod that gets rid of the time limit and played for 2000 years, and saw the super-strong "Western" nations always conquered all the African or Asian nations, and therefore this is "messed up" as if there's some kind of political commentary or hidden intent, which, there is none.
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