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ps. To view ingame change Disable Edit Mode (in game configure -> advanced) if enabled

Good work, simple and clear, but when i see in my city scenes, the horses appear a body behind their original position ... another thing ... when I leave the city, I appear somewhere else (training center)
How do I edit the scene if you tell me to disable editor mode? thanks


mauromagno said:
How do I edit the scene if you tell me to disable editor mode? thanks

That was only recommended because of this warning:
NPC99 said:

Don't edit & save the town center scene while its mission template is active. I did. While there were no problems with re-running the scene in game, when I tried to edit the scene normally (outside of an active mission template, using scene chooser) my prop horses had disappeared. They were still in the scene assets list and when I double clicked them they reappeared in their starting positions but as 2D, not 3D horses!! Presumably, once spawned as animated horses they can't quite re-save as normal scene props.

It's to stop accidents while you're running a game. I recommend you only enable the editor mode when you're not playing a game. I use the quick scene chooser to edit scenes outside games: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=51851.0
Stopping by, I only want to express that PW and its later incarnation, PK, both have a variety of scripts to "make horses stand still after being dismounted from", as written in module_mission_templates.py of PW. Maybe it is possible to adapt the code to this little thing, in order to aid immersion.

agent_dismount = (ti_on_agent_dismount, 0, 0, [], # server: make horses stand still after being dismounted from
   [(store_trigger_param_1, ":agent_id"),
    (store_trigger_param_2, ":horse_agent_id"),
    (agent_set_slot, ":horse_agent_id", slot_agent_horse_last_rider, ":agent_id"),
    (agent_set_slot, ":agent_id", slot_agent_last_horse_ridden, ":horse_agent_id"),
    (agent_get_position, pos1, ":horse_agent_id"),
    (agent_set_scripted_destination, ":horse_agent_id", pos1, 0),
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