AI units should keep guard up when fighting, never put hands down.

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This is for AI in general really, but I notice it most in Captain mode. Also tournaments when AI fight each other looks wonky the way they just stand planted in one spot and put their hands down. Holding up a block in any direction makes them at least 25% more ready for whatever their opponent might do.

By holding block they start from a position of being ready to block 1/4 to 1/2, depending on the enemy weapon, of the attacks the enemy can make. If the enemy has a spear, holding block down means you start from a position of blocking half their potential attacks by default. From there they simply have to move it up when needed.

The direction they choose to hold block could depend on the enemy's weapon. Say the enemy has a sword that can attack from all directions. The defending AI will have a 25% of automatically holding up a block in any direction and adjusting as needed. Say the attacking enemy has a two handed ax, the defending AI will have a 66% chance to auto hold side block (33% each side) and 34% chance to hold up block. If enemy has spear, 50/50 chance for defender to hold up or down block.

This will look more natural, and be more functional. Either be attacking, or be blocking. Hands should never go down in combat.
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