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I've experienced very weird result on Custom Battle in even conditions against the AI. Only thing i did as a player was just F1 and F3 to give them the call to charge which i'm sure the AI is also doing the same and then i got these kind of results (Crushingly winning side is always the players side);

I don't know if it is just a Custom Battle problem but i hope it is cause otherwise it means there are some serious problems in terms of AI. I might have just killed a few of the enemy but believe me that won't change the result. You can not win a 250v250 battle in even conditions and same troops with 20 loses and 150 kills even if you have all the tactical advantage in the world.
And all the casualties are deaths... never seen that before

These are custom battle, that's probably the reason why there are no wounded soldiers. I don't know if this thing is just happening on me, if you (anyone willing to) can also try that and share your results, that would give an idea.
You (the player) order the F1-F3 charge, allow your unit to actually fight to their full potential. The AI is stupid and broken, it tries to use some form of 'formation' and spends most of the time orders its unit to maintain that dumb formation instead of fighting. And sorry but this isn't just custom battle. Campaign battle AI is the same.
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You just need to die early to get the bird eye view and you'll immediately see the problem. 400 vlandia knight vs 400 imperial archers. At the end only 180 knights survives due to stupid AI. The AI constantly forces the cavalry into that line formation so only the middle part is actually fighting my archers.
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