AI Parties completely starve when I call them to join army

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I am pretty deep into Southern Empire playthrough... My Character is almost 50 and was voted the new Emperor when Rhagaea passed away. Anyways I have noticed the last 3 times I called parties to form an army, as soon as I select them and they begin travelling to me, their troop numbers start to plummet and they basically all show up to me showing 0 battle ready troops. The parties aren't actually at 0 of course but every troop shows up wounded when they join army. I assume its from starving because they instantly start eating ALL of my food and it makes it so that campaign is lucky to take a castle before I am starving as well. Could something else be happening to them? I know when I starve my units start deserting but some of these armies are showing up full just everyone is "wounded". Stranger still is 3 of the parties are part of my family and I just saw them travelling around killing bandits and doing whatever without this happening... its not until I call them to an army.

Any ideas?
If you're not using any mods then you should make report in the tech support section, with a .sav of before you call them to army preferably, so they can easily watch it happen and find out why.
reports go here

Parties starving in armies is a problem that comes up but it's not an intended part of the game, it shouldn't be all/most partiers or all the time. It should mostly come up with a large army that traveled far and changed it's target too many times, or was partially defeated and had to travel a long ways to get food.
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