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I've searched the board for AI herald but there don't seem to be a thread about it. So, forgive me if there is already and I doubleposted it.

In my first time playing 1257AD 1.13 angry peasants edition. I noticed that when I serve a lord as a peasant soldier, the AI soldiers whether it is friendly or foe, whether they are in the fields or in sentry duties, they don't seem to show the heraldry of their lord, not in their clothes, or the most obvious-not even in their shields.

In native and in other mods I recall that soldiers are supposed to carry their lord's heraldry. I know maybe not all of the armors shows it but shouldn't most of the shields showed it? It just showed up as that yellow X on a green background. When I tried equipping the same type of shield myself, the yellow X green background changed and showed the appropriate banner.

Any fix?
Mod options -> turn off use historical banners.

Historically armies at the time would not be uniformed and peasants would not really would carry their lords banner on everything.
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