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AI Lord/Kingdom Management is Broken

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I am deep into a long single player vanilla game past 800 days, and I am noticing how dysfunctional the AI is regarding kingdom management. I started my own kingdom and now have 5 towns, multiple castles and around 20 lords under my banner.

Near the beginning of the game it becomes apparent that lords are transient. Lords move from kingdom to kingdom. Some lords rarely stay put and just continue to transition from kingdom to kingdom. I imagine the structure starts to fall apart as soon as kingdoms start losing fiefs. The lords become disgruntled and fief-less eventually leave. Whats left is a carousel of vagrant lords. To further compound matters, AI kings tend to lopsidedly reward lords with fiefs i.e. giving all rewards to one or two lords. This creates a disparity in fiefs and I imagine is the catalyst for lords to continually leave.

After much game time has elapsed, Ive also noticed the appearance of gigantic warbands. I fought the Rhodoks: King Graveth and lord Dhiyul each had 400+ soldiers apiece in their respective warparties. The remaining lords sported 30, 40 and 50 men. I looked at lord Dhiyuls holdings and he had double digit fiefs. I think he controlled nearly all the Rhodok fiefs. No wonder the other lords had such sparse unit size, they had no money to support them. The funny thing is the system seems arbitrary. Lord Dhiyul eventually, for unknown reasons, renounced allegiance to Graveth and moved to another kingdom. He most certainly didn't leave because he did not have enough fiefs. Now I am fighting the Sarranids and Ive noticed the same thing; the Sultan has the lionshare of fiefs [confirmed he holds ALL 40+ fiefs in the kingdom and his lords control zero] and is able to wield a 500+ man army while his lords putt around with anemic numbers.

At any rate it makes fighting and defeating kingdoms really easy since the formula is; defeat the one or two lords with large armies and after that they cannot mount a credible threat. I am able to then pick off towns and castles at will. In the end it makes for a disappointing endgame.


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