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Super Jew

As we all know, the AI mechanics needs much improving. So here are my recommendations to the developers:

Shield Infantry
Level of need: Medium
  • Circle formation sometimes rotates when there are multiple players attacking from multiple angles. The formation should be static.
  • A group based on the near troops selecting which weapon to choose based on a calculation of foot soldiers to cavalry nearby.
  • When an enemy cavalry is present in the area, about half of the infantry pulls out their polearm and the other half still use their main weapon.
  • Puts shields away if the unit has bastard weapon and they are not being targets by projectiles (only does this when close to enemy ground troops).
Two Handed Infantry
Level of need: Low
  • Units stay spaced out depending on the length of their weapon and how much room they have.
  • Two handers are usually faster than shield infantry but get slowed down when they are getting chased because they turn towards the enemy if they are close. Since they are faster, they should run unless if an enemy cavalry is slowing you down.
Throwing Weapons
Level of need: Medium
  • Throwing weapons need to be more deadly and accurate when being thrown downhill.
  • Throwing weapons need to be able to hit something when being thrown uphill. 🤷‍♂️
Level of need: Medium
  • When a cavalry is engaging the archers and sits on them, the archers need to switch to their melee weapon immediately. If the cavalry is only scraping but not goin to sit on the archers their current reaction is fine when it comes out pulling out weapons.
Cavalry (Regular)
Level of need: Urgent
  • Charges through the enemy when they don't have polearms and tries to get out as soon as possible.
  • Targets enemies with backs turned.
  • AI follows closer when on Follow command.
  • Stays closer to enemies when on charge and doesn't run to the other side of the map.
  • Has target mapping to hit one unit and then another in its path.
  • Targets different enemies from the other teammates in the same group.
  • When enemy infantry has polearm the AI attack on the edges of their reach by using their longer polearms to out reach the enemy.
  • Contently hits couched lances at a higher rate.
  • When two AI cavalry are charging at each other the tradeoff should be close to 50/50 favoring the unit with the longer polearm.
  • Doesn't get stuck on everything.
Cavalry (Two Hander)
Level of need: Low
  • Targets ground units without a shield at a higher priority.
  • Sits on archers.
Horse Archers
Level of need: Urgent
  • When told to move the AI needs to be able to double-tap w and get away from danger.
  • Shoot more accurately on the move.
  • Doesn't run directly into ground units.
  • When there isn't enemy cavalry present the HA on charge, will sometimes find a nearby, but not close, position to fire from.
Jav Cav
Level of need: Low
  • Nobody uses them at the moment but making them more accurate at throwing I guess.
Level of need: Low
  • Chambers are done at a more realistic time unlike now where you get chambered half of the time in a blob while up swinging.
  • Blocks more frequently when they don't have shield.
  • Kicks and kick slashes when appropriate (rare).
  • Bashes when appropriate.
  • Feints (rare).
A thread based on speed of units in formation.
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